How To Tell if Someone Muted you on Twitter

Posted by Jamie on May 24, 2019

Depending on who you ask, Twitter is either a vibrant social network with an enjoyable community, or a hellscape beyond compare and the scourge of the internet (the correct answer to this comparison is, usually, both). Nevertheless, Twitter continues to be one of our favorite social networks, a strange amalgamation of microblogging, comedy, and social communities that make it unlike anything else on the internet.

Still, Twitter does try to make it easier to control your content preferences on their platform. Whether you’re reporting and blocking a harasser or marking that you don’t like a suggested tweet, Twitter does try to allow users to customize their experience on the platform. One of the most important ways you can do that is by utilizing Twitter’s mute feature, a companion to blocking that allows you to hide the tweets of someone online without outright blocking them. But what’s the difference between blocking and muting, and can you tell if someone has muted you on Twitter? Read on to find out.

Has someone muted you on Twitter?

Muting someone on Twitter is a useful way of removing their stuff from your timeline without blocking them. It is a useful middle ground that enhances your Twitter experience without bringing up any awkward social situations in which you have to explain to someone why you blocked them.

Muting removes their Tweets from your timeline, but it does not tell the other person what has happened. So the answer to the main question of ‘Can you tell if someone muted you on Twitter?’ is no, so long as they aren’t using any add-ons, and that is by design. It wouldn’t be very helpful for avoiding drama if it tattled on you.

Muting is not unfollowing and it is not blocking. You can still DM a muted account and they can DM you. You just don’t see their Tweets in your timeline. It’s roughly the same as unfollowing someone on Facebook without unfriending them.

We all know someone who Tweets everything they do and a ton of pointless stuff that nobody in their right mind would be interested in. And most of us have an aunt or an uncle or a cousin that we’re never going to agree with but that we can’t block without causing family drama. These kinds of people are everywhere, and while they usually don’t mean any harm, they do make using Twitter harder work than it needs to be.

However, anyone who uses TweetDeck may be familiar with the ability to view muted accounts. To check if someone has you muted in TweetDeck, follow these steps:

  1. Open Tweetdeck and create a Home column in the main view.
  2. Add the person you suspect has muted you into this view.
  3. Post a Tweet to all your followers and then watch to see if it appears in the Home column.

If you see your Tweet appear in that column, you have not been muted. If your Tweet does not appear in the column, it is likely that you have been muted.

How to mute someone in Twitter

Muting someone is simple, you just need to open a Tweet and select the Mute setting. You can unmute someone just as quickly, too.

To mute from a tweet:

  1. Open the Tweet and select the down arrow icon.
  2. Select Mute.

To mute from a user profile:

  1. Open the profile page of the person you want to mute.
  2. Select the three dot menu icon on the page.
  3. Select Mute from the menu.

To unmute someone, you just need to visit their profile again and select the speaker icon to unmute them. The app sometimes differs and offers an option that says ‘You have muted Tweets from this account.’ Select Unmute if you see that.

The many uses of muting

Muting someone on Twitter isn’t just about quieting the over-sharers or the difficult relatives. Sure, that is its primary objective, but it is also useful if you manage social media accounts for work or as a profession. I used to do both of those and I would use the mute function a lot.

Muting individuals

Muting individual Twitter users is handy both personally and professionally. Personally, you get to avoid their Tweets while remaining connected. This avoids some of that awkwardness that comes with blocking or unfriending someone who will probably want to know why. Professionally, it means you can clean up a commercial Twitter feed, filter out the marketing, spam, and trolls, and keep your timeline free and clear.

It also means you can maintain and grow your follower count without having to put up with their Tweets. While someone’s follower count is still seen as a metric for popularity, businesses and organizations have to keep it as high as possible. Muting keeps the numbers but cleans out the feed.

Muting organizations

Whether you’re muting organizations during election season or just trying to mute brands who spam you with too much information, muting organizations online is a great option. If you’re finding a lot of spam in your feed, muting the account that sent it really works.

While you cannot tell if someone muted you on Twitter without using Tweetdeck, it doesn’t really matter in the long run. Just take it as a reason for you to spend time on those that really matter. Everything else is just noise.

Do you know any way to tell if someone muted you on Twitter? Tell us below if you do!

6 thoughts on “How To Tell if Someone Muted you on Twitter”

Kellen Melborne says:
I am a Mute.
Jano says:
There is a verse in the bible that guides you through being muted on Twitter. Think of a relationship on Twitter as a tree. Think of the repluys to you as the fruits on the tree. The Bible says . “If your tree does not produce fruit, wait a year and if your tree still does not produce fruit. Wait a nother year. After the nobleman waited a third year and told God his tree did not produce fruit. God said “Chop the tree down!” so that meens you should stop tweeting to that person because they probably muted you. Unfortunately this may be more difficult for guys who are tweeting to a pritty lady on Twitter.
Another bible verse says “Do not cast your perls before the swine”
The swine is the account that doesn’t tweet back to you. And the time you spend tweeting are your precious perls.
Jano says:
The best way to find out is to go a supperior court and have a jjudge supena you or your friends twitter record, Tell the Judge that you have waisted your lifetime trying to communicate to thid person and muting you has been a cruel and unusual punnishment carried out by twitter for had you now that this person is filtering you out from there life you would have not waisted all your time on this person. Also show the judge that you did nothing to harm that person and you have a clean record. One women was once able to find out who her twitter bully was my a court supena of twitter. It turned out to be her friends stupid 17year old son.
Mary says:
I could tell someone muted me without this. They stopped liking and commenting my stuff
and my comments under their tweets were not replied to. I caught on cos they used to like and tweet my stuff, and answer me and now they don’t. I asked him had i upset him as he unfollowed me before, he said that must be a glitch and he promised i did nothing wrong. He added me back and for 2 days he liked the odd thing or 2 and replied to me but then silence. So i know he’s muted me cos he replies to everyone else. So he obviously doesn’t see my posts.
Nelson says:
This doesn’t work. When you create another home locum in tweetdeck, there is NO WHERE to “Add the person you suspect has muted you into this view.” It just keeps adding a home column from your own account.

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