How To Tell if Someone Read your Message on LinkedIn

Can you tell if someone read your message on LinkedIn? Is there a way of knowing if someone has blocked you? Or a way to guarantee they will open your message?

LinkedIn may not have the same profile as Facebook or Snapchat but it is equally as powerful and as influential in its own way. I use LinkedIn way more than Facebook but purely in a professional capacity. I have found work, met new people and discovered new companies on the platform. LinkedIn may have fewer users but it also has fewer of the social anxieties and toxicity issues that plague other platforms.

It isn’t without its challenges though and not knowing whether someone is ignoring you or hasn’t had time to read your message is just one of them.

Can you tell if someone read your message on LinkedIn?

Knowing whether someone has read your message on LinkedIn depends on your privacy settings. There is a specific setting for read receipts but you have to turn it on before you send the message in order for it to work. This will tell you when the recipient has opened the message and likely read it.

To turn on read receipts in LinkedIn, do this:

  1. Select Settings and Privacy.
  2. Select the Communications tab and then Preferences.
  3. Select Read receipts and typing indicators and toggle it to On.

Any messages you send from now on will generate a read receipt which will let you know when the recipient has read it.

Is there a way of knowing if someone has blocked you?

Blocking isn’t quite as prevalent or as necessary on LinkedIn as it is elsewhere but it does happen. Usually it’s overenthusiastic marketers or newbies to the platform who don’t know how to use it effectively or appreciate that the audience is completely different than Facebook.

There are ways to tell if you have been blocked on LinkedIn but you are not notified directly if it happens.

If you are blocked:

  • You will no longer see their profile.
  • You will no longer be able to message them.
  • You will no longer see their posts or updates.
  • You will no longer be connected.
  • You will no longer see them under ‘Who has viewed your profile’.
  • You will no longer see them in suggestions for ‘People You May Know’ or ‘People also Viewed’.

Is there a way to guarantee they will open your message?

You cannot guarantee the actions of others but you can do all you can to influence them. If you use LinkedIn for marketing, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of someone opening your message and wanting to do business with you.

Complete your LinkedIn profile fully

Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume whether you are looking for work or not. You need to spend a lot of time fully competing your profile and keeping it up to date. It should reflect all changes in your professional life, include all of your qualifications, skills and anything else you have that makes you stand out.

Add a good quality image too. Look professional, look smart but remember to smile and look approachable. This isn’t Tinder but you still want people to engage with you.

Interact with others and be active on LinkedIn

People are much more likely to read something from an active member they have seen before. If you have a presence on LinkedIn and interact or post often, you stand a much higher chance of being read than someone the recipient has never seen or heard of.

Plus, it’s the whole point of LinkedIn. To interact with fellow professionals, help each other and learn a thing or two.

Contribute without expectation

LinkedIn requires a different approach than other social networks and part of that is in the content you publish on there. The audience is different, their likes and dislikes are different and their time is much more limited than on other networks. Any content you publish should be of a high standard and bear the audience type in mind. It should also be published without expectation. If the content is good, they will come.

Keep your messages brief and to the point

Everyone is busy and everyone has multiple demands on their time. That is especially true for LinkedIn. Most people will access it from work for work and won’t have that much time to spend on it. When composing a message, keep it brief and to the point.

If you’re marketing, a short message with a link to a landing page or web page with more information gives the reader the opportunity to read more at their leisure. This no-pressure tactic will resonate much better than multiple calls to action and requests for immediate feedback or interaction.

2 thoughts on “How To Tell if Someone Read your Message on LinkedIn”

jane says:
What does the read receipt look like?
Is it typically the small photo icon that drops down below the message to show it’s been read?
Ilona says:
When I look at a few messages back from the same person, some have a read receipt and some don’t, although I know for a fact the ones that don’t were read, because I got responses. Please clarify.
Paul says:
Exact same question

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