How To Tell Who Viewed your WhatsApp Profile

Posted by Jamie on February 28, 2019

Can you tell who viewed your WhatsApp profile? Can you see if anyone is checking you out or stalking you on the app? Can you control who sees your status, updates or who can contact you? This tutorial will cover all those things and more.

Thanks to a very intuitive design and simple operation, WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps around. With decent encryption and the ability to handle media, files and group chats, it has everything you’re likely to need to stay in touch with friends.

As with any social network, there are undesirables, creeps and generally idiotic people online. There are also nice people which is why these things still exist. Just how much control does WhatsApp give you over who sees what?

Can you tell who viewed your WhatsApp profile?

Google any question like ‘Can you tell who viewed your WhatsApp profile?’ and you will see dozens of websites offering hacks or tricks to unveil who has viewed your profile on the app. The truth is that none of them work. Some will pick someone randomly from your contacts list while others don’t do much at all.

The only reliable way I know of to check is to use WhatsApp itself. In your Profile, you should see a counter at the bottom of the screen. This is how many people have viewed your status. Swipe up to reveal who they were.

Can you see if anyone is checking you out or stalking you on WhatsApp?

Aside from using the technique above to see who has viewed your profile, there is no real way to see if someone is cyber stalking you on WhatsApp. The upside is that it is very difficult and largely pointless to follow someone on the app without interacting with them. This is a chat app after all so unless someone chats with you, they get nothing from you.

Can you control who sees your status on WhatsApp?

You can control who sees everything you do on WhatsApp. Privacy is one of the strong points of the app and one of the reasons it is popular. You can restrict visibility to your contacts, your contacts except… and also be specific about individuals who can see what you do on the app.

  1. Open WhatsApp and select your profile.
  2. Select Account and Privacy.
  3. Select Status and then select an option to control who sees you.

My Contacts allows anyone in your contact list to see your status. My Contacts Except… allows you to enable contacts to see you with the exception of someone specific. Only Share With… is the opposite where you only allow named individuals to see your status.

Can you control who can contact you on WhatsApp?

You can control who can contact you on WhatsApp by keeping your phone number safe. As WhatsApp is phone based, someone needs your phone number in order to contact you. You can also search by username but this is more difficult. To control who can contact you on WhatsApp, just keep your number safe.

If someone is bothering you on the app, you can block them to prevent them contacting you again. It’s very simple and works right away. Here’s how to do it on Android.

  1. Open the chat from the person you want to block on WhatsApp.
  2. Select the three dot menu icon in the top right.
  3. Select More at the bottom and then Block.
  4. Confirm you want to block the person and it’s done.

What other privacy precautions can you take on WhatsApp?

You have a few options for maintaining privacy on WhatsApp. You can turn off Last Seen, disable read receipts and hide your profile photo for starters. Here’s how.

Turn off last seen in WhatsApp:

  1. Select your Account in WhatsApp.
  2. Select Privacy and Last Seen.
  3. Change who can see it from Everyone to My Contacts or Nobody.

This will stop other people seeing exactly when you were last seen on the app. If you don’t want people knowing when you were there last, this is what to change.

To disable read receipts in WhatsApp:

  1. Select your Account in WhatsApp.
  2. Select Privacy and uncheck the box next to Read Receipts.

This is a simple change that stops WhatsApp sending a read receipt whenever you open a message. It’s a small thing that can go a long way to maintaining privacy.

Hide your profile image like this:

  1. Select your Account in WhatsApp.
  2. Select Privacy and Profile Photo.
  3. Change the setting from Everyone to either My Contacts or Nobody.

The change is the same as those above. Your profile image will be restricted to those you set. Those not in the list will see the default gray outline instead of the image.

WhatsApp offers quite a few ways to control who sees what, including who viewed your WhatsApp profile. Got any other privacy tips to share? Tell us about them below if you do!

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