Ten Handy Edge Hotkeys

edge hotkeys

Edge is Microsoft’s latest browser bundled with Windows 10. Like other browsers, it has its own set of hotkeys, or keyboard shortcuts, you can press to select options. These are ten of the handy hotkeys in Edge.

Tab Hotkeys

Edge has a number of keyboard shortcuts for page tabs. Firstly, you can quickly open a new tab with a hotkey. Press Ctrl + T to open a new tab in the browser.

Then you can quickly select tabs with a couple of hotkeys. Press Ctrl + T to jump forward a tab. That selects the tab right of your current one. Alternatively, press Ctrl + Shift + Tab to select the tab left of the currently selected one.

Clicking a hyperlink will open it in the current tab. However, you can open a hyperlink in a new tab with a hotkey. Press Ctrl + Shift and then click a hyperlink to open its page in a new tab.

Window Hotkeys

Edge also has a few hotkeys for its windows. For example, you can press Alt + Space + N to minimize the browser’s window to the taskbar. Press Alt + Space + X to maximize the Edge window.

There’s a hotkey you can press to open a new Edge window. Press Ctrl + N to open a new window for the browser. It will open the window on the Start page.

Search Hotkeys

Edge has some handy hotkeys you can press for searches. For instance, press Ctrl + E to open search queries in the address bar. Then they’ll be a question mark in the address bar, and you can enter keywords there.

Edge also has a Find on page search box with which you can search for keywords on a page. You can open that search box by pressing Ctrl + N. Then when you enter a keyword in the box, matching text on the page is highlighted yellow as in the snapshot below.

edge hotkeys

Ctrl + Shift + L is another of Edge’s search hotkeys. That enables you to search with copied text. So copy some text by selecting it and pressing Ctrl + C. Then press the Ctrl + Shift + L hotkey in Edge to search for that keyword with the browser’s default search engine. You can switch the default search from Bing as covered in this TechJunkie post.

So those are 10 of Edge’s hotkeys you can press. They’ll come in handy for switching tabs, the browser’s window and searching for pages.

Posted by Matthew on April 18, 2016

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