Thank You for the Birthday Wishes

Posted by Andrew on February 5, 2019

Did you have a great Birthday party and still want to express how thankful you are to your guests? You are in the right place then. Being grateful is a sign of politeness, and if it’s not shown, some of your friends may be exclusively disappointed, so it’s your turn now to say “Thank you for the birthday wishes” because it’s obligatory. To help you with that, these original birthday thank you quotes will make your life easier:

Thank You, Everyone, for the Birthday Wishes:

Henry Ward Beecher once said, “…the thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings.” We totally agree with his words. What is more, we believe that every person should express gratitude for everything he/she has got in life. Taking things for granted, thinking that this is just supposed to be that way, isn’t the best life attitude. Your family, friends and acquaintances have shown you how much they love you and appreciate your presence in their lives by sending you a lot of warm birthday wishes. And now it’s your turn to show them the same by writing thank-you note in which you thank them for all the birthday wishes.

  • The party is over and we did have a lot of fun, but one thing remains silent – it’s the melody of gratitude devoted to all of you. You are my true friends, no doubt, and now I know it’s for sure.
  • Thank you guys all for your congratulations and presents. We all had fun, I hope in the future we will hang out with you more often. I miss you so much and kiss you so much. Take care and remember about me.
  • You know, friends, now I can tell you that the best present for me this day is you, despite the fact that we misunderstand each other sometimes. I love you all anyway. Text me on Facebook or What’s up when you get home. I am sure, you will be alright.
  • I haven’t ever thought that I have so many mutual friends! I believe our friendship will last forever. Thank you all for your wishes. You made my day.
  • Thanks for coming to my Birthday party. I appreciate your respect to me and am looking forward to receiving your opinion about it. We should meet more often with you, friends, shouldn’t we?

Funny Thank you Note for Birthday Wishes

Let’s say, you find the ordinary thank-you letters kind of formal and boring. Is that so?  Luckily, there’s a slew of cool and funny ways to thank people for all the birthday wishes they sent you. And the best thing is, you can pick different ones in order to make each of your replies unique and personal. You know, no one likes clichés and messages that have been randomly copy-pasted and sent to everyone in the friends-list.

  • It’s a common knowledge that friendship lasts forever and now I know it for sure. Thank you for being my guest, forget about the rest! I love you, dude.
  • I am so glad and grateful for the thing that we can meet once a year and eat so much tasty food together. I am proud you are my friends and you enjoy the food I do!
  • Don’t bring me flowers, don’t bring me candies, don’t bring me bears, just bring me money next time at my Birthday! Thank you so much, however, some of you was smart this time:)
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I thank you, friends, hope, so you do. We rocked this party, no doubt. Turn the music louder, baby…
  • Diamonds in the rough are you, my dear friends. Thank you for making me happy this wonderful day! Love you all, if you like my photos on Facebook, of course.
  • So do I either, if you say that you hated today’s celebration, but I am sure you had fun, at least, one person did it, and it was me.
  • Nowadays people are so snobbish, aren’t they? I am pleased that none of them was present at my Birthday party, I hope:)
  • Lovely friends, you are so lovely that sometimes I think that …Oh, please, don’t mind, I am saying that because I am opening your presents now, and some of you are real…! (Finish the sentence yourself).

Appreciation Reply for Birthday Wishes

Do you agree that thank-you notes are a part of a healthy social life? Well, we hope you do because thank-you notes are really important when it comes to communication. The simple ‘thank you for the birthday wishes’ phrase will show your recipient that you value his/her time and efforts and that your birthday would have been incomplete without this person’s greetings. In other words, by sending an appreciation reply you show you well-wishers that their kind words haven’t been left unnoticed. And that will be very thoughtful of you.

  • Time goes by so slowly, but you still are my friends. Thank you for being my guests, I appreciate that!
  • Your kindness has no limits, my dear friends! I appreciate you took a time to come to my Birthday party and congratulated me. I think I am on the top of the world, please, don’t make me fall!
  • Let all the blessings of God come into your life, friends. Let your home prosper. I appreciate you coming to me. Thank you for your gifts! I am the best person to invest your money in, believe me.
  • There is no one like you because I am confirmed that only a true friend can congratulate someone with Birthday, and I am totally happy you are my friends. But you’d better watch out if you read it without pleasure!
  • I appreciate God’s grace I met you. Thank you for being sincere with me. I love you guys for telling so many kind words!
  • When trouble comes, I know what to do. If trouble comes, I know there’s you! Thank you for your wishes and presents, I appreciate that with all of my heart.
  • I tried to stay modest, but now I can be open with you. My appreciation of your patience stretches up to the sky. Thank you for coming and letting me dance all night on the table!

Birthday Thanks Quotes to Friends

Even though true friends will totally understand in case you forget to reply to their birthday wishes posted on your Facebook wall, it’s better not to forget. Besides, true friends deserve to be treated in a special way, so you have to make sure that you have prepared a good birthday thank-you note in advance. Below you will find the best examples of birthday thanks which meet every single requirement of a good friend.

  • This day was extremely bright and it’s only because you came to my Birthday party, sweety. Thank you! You are special for me.
  • Even if the Earth collapse, you’ll be my friend. It’s great that we hang out together, but let’s go deep and do it more often. I love spending time with you!
  • Don’t even try to tell me that this Birthday party was awful because I saw you smiling there! Thank you for touching my heart with your laugh!
  • Miss you, friend, and opening your presents, I figured out that it’s gonna be a great day for doing shopping tomorrow! Thanks!
  • Thank you for coming! Trust me, this Birthday party was open only to special people with the biggest heart.
  • Dreams come true and one of my dreams has already done it: all of you, friends, congratulated me and wished me a “Happy Birthday Brother!” altogether
  • The reality might be cruel sometimes, but I have to tell you the truth, just accept it the way it is – you are like the sun to me shining above my way, I love you, and am waiting for the next Birthday time.

Hope that these wishes will be texted with the feeling of joy in your heart and peace in your mind about the time you have spent together.

Thank You All for the Birthday Wishes Images

Last but not the least, you can kill two birds with one stone by posting a nice image which says ‘Thank you all for the birthday wishes’ on your Instagram or Facebook (or any other social media) account. In this way all of the people will see how much you are grateful for the birthday wishes you received. Frankly, this is by far our favorite variant.
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