Thanksgiving Hashtags to Celebrate Turkey Day!

Posted by Arch on November 16, 2018

In the brave new world o’ today, everything revolves around the concept of ‘me’. (Thanks baby boomers, great job!)

Whether you’re fidgeting with your iPhone, viewing content on your trusty iPad, or possibly are just in the process of chucking clothes in your brand new iWashingMachine with the intent to wash them, there seems to be no escaping the ominous prong-shaped letter! (By the way, if such a fiendish contraption as the iWashingMachine does exist, guess whose fault is it? That’s right- the divorce-savvy and heavily-indebted baby boomers’!)

Low key: They ruined the economy for the young folks, as well, for the record.

Anyway, lest we continue to rant about what went wrong within the dodgy period from the glorious end of the WWII to where we are now, let’s introduce our topic of the day – hashtags for Thanksgiving!

Forsooth and quite correct! If you’d like to give thanks every once in a while instead of thinking about yourself all the time, expressing your feelings of communal spirit and holiday time serenity via Instagram hashtags can be a great way to do it.

Just imagine! Later on, you can even download some Thanksgiving-themed music from iTunes… God damn it, it’s the ‘I’ thing again!

Right then, without further ado, here are our suggestions of how to go about it! (We mean writing the hashtags, of course, not the grizzly iMatter iLoveMyself iTunes stuff.)

The Bare Bones Version

If a wholesome, well-written hashtag is the whole turkey, all plump ‘n’ steamy, then what we’re about to serve before ye hungry eyes would be just the skeleton.

Jokes aside, these would be the basic hashtags to start things off. These are purposefully simple so you can build upon them and let your creativity take them to another level. Here’s the lot:

Addressing the Merry Occasion Itself

For starters, simply acknowledging the holiday at hand will do the trick. To approach this, you can use any of the following hashtags:

#HappyThanksgiving #thanks #givingthanks #countyourblessings #givingback #familytime #celebrate #Fall2018

Addressing the Food (Not literally. Well, unless your turkey is so undercooked it can still respond to the sounds you’re producing.)

Ironically enough, Thanksgiving seems to be a holiday that’s as much about giving and caring as it is about stuffing yourself senseless with turkey and pumpkin pies. Don’t worry about it, though – it’s all in good spirits and for festive purposes, so do use this merry aspect of this holiday to make a statement on Instagram. Here are some suggestions:

#Turkeycarving #turkeycoma #passthegravy #stuffing #pumpkinpie #thanksgivingdinner #cooking #homemade #feast

The Advanced Version (Suitable for Pros only, 2018, Doctors Hate Him, Photo, Video, 2018, Must Check Out!)

And by ‘advanced version’, we mean we’ve compiled some hashtags here that will show your audience you actually did some brainwork and decided to get creative. Having said this, we’d encourage you to really try thinking of some interesting personal story for your hashtags instead of just copying what others are doing. (We’re not against copying, but no one’s ever said no to a fresh idea, be it in the form of a hashtag.)

Addressing the Occasion and the Food – Personalized Way

Lest we forget to mention it, although it is rather obvious, the hashtags are only going to be as effective as the content they’re behind. So, if you’re uploading a picture, for example, make sure it’s an interesting, possibly even an anecdote-worthy one! Then you can add some of this stuff to it:

#healthythanksgiving (In case you made some gluten-free food or something.) #TurkeyDayFail #TurkeyDayFails #PregnantTurkeyPrank (In case you’ve successfully pranked your kids by putting a Cornish hen inside the turkey. That’s how the prank goes, by the way.) #CornishHenned (In case it was you who was on the receiving end of the prank.) #uncarveable #TurkeyLove

The goal here is to create a post that tells a story rather than just ensuring you’ve addressed the occasion. A merry family picture of folks stuffing themselves with pumpkin pie or siblings meticulously breaking the Wishbone is going to be far more valuable than just a blunt statement saying:

Hi folks, happy thanksgiving nd all that. #thnx

The more creative and story-telling a hashtag is, the more unique it will be, so the chances of you getting more traffic off of it, as a result, will be much higher than with just a bland caption and a half-hearted hashtag.

Bottom line, to attract people to your account, make sure to keep its Thanksgiving hashtags merry, convivial and possibly based on some real-life event! We hope you found this article helpful and wish you some joyous Thanksgiving ‘Instagramming’!

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