Will There Be a The Order Season 2 on Netflix?

Posted by Jamie on March 15, 2019

At first glance, The Order seems another rehash of True Blood where magic users fight against werewolves. This time in a college setting with a bunch of kids with supernatural abilities. Once you get over that first glance, The Order quickly becomes a fleshed-out story that is well worth telling and watching. Now season one is over with, will there be an Order season 2 on Netflix?

The Order had an uphill struggle. To take a well-trodden subject and make it fresh. We have seen The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Twilight and all the others where we share our world with supernaturals. We have seen the humans vs. supernaturals and many of us are now bored of it. I would suggest suspending that boredom for one more TV series as The Order is worth watching.

The Order TV show

The Order stars Jake Manley from American Gothic, Sarah Grey from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Matt Frewer from Watchmen, Sam Trammell from True Blood and Max Martini from Training Day. It’s a decent cast with quite a pedigree, certainly for a new TV show.

The premise of The Order is that werewolves are preying on humans and the supernatural members of the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, The Order, are here to save us.

Jake Manley is a freshman at Belgrave University and a new member of The Order. He and his grandfather played by Frewer combine fighting werewolves while plotting revenge on Max Martini’s Edward Coventry who happens to be Manley’s father. While this family intrigue plays a part in the story, it is thankfully a small one.

The werewolves have their own order, the Knights of St. Christopher who are hunting The Order. The werewolves are actually really good characters and it is when they enter the fray that the dark humor that makes The Order different comes out. It’s a great feature of the story and I sometimes wish the writers stuck more to this humor than the ‘serious’ stuff of fighting supernaturals.

The series is made up of 10 episodes that follow the main characters through their storylines. The first three episodes aren’t the best so perseverance is needed to let this series shine but once you’re hooked, you’ll be wanting a season 2 the same as me.

Will Netflix make season 2 of The Order?

At the time of writing, The Order has not been renewed for season 2. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, just that Netflix has yet to announce it. With season 1 ending on a cliffhanger, the door has certainly been left open for another season and themes like this could potentially go on for a lot longer.

I think it likely that Netflix will renew The Order. It is relatively cheap to make and while some of the episodes did seem low budget, the overall effect was a good one. We still have an appetite for supernatural shows even though it is a well-trodden path and until Stranger Things returns, there isn’t that much good quality content out there to sate this appetite.

Add to that the international appeal of something like The Order. Sure it’s more American college kids messing around with things they shouldn’t but there is nothing here to alienate different cultures or that would appear disjointed to international audiences. It’s a bit like Harry Potter with some great dark humor and who isn’t going to like that?

The cast is strong and even though you have to put up with the usual conspiracy tropes each held their own in their own right. Things happen to some of the characters of course, trying to avoid spoilers here, but the ones we would want to see in season 2, could theoretically appear in season 2. Plus, this is supernatural so anything could happen. There is no such thing as ‘final’ with subjects like this.

Should there be a season 2 of The Order?

Regardless of whether Netflix wants to make one or not, should there be a season 2 of The Order? I think the writing, acting and production quality were great. The characters fleshed out enough for us to want more and the maturing of that humor makes me want to see more.

If season 2 did more humor and less conspiracy, I think it should be a surefire hit. I mean, who doesn’t like a little supernatural action alongside the usual college shenanigans?

What did you think of The Order? Did you like it? Loathe it? Do you think there should be a season 2? Tell us your thoughts below!

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