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Time Lapse On iOS

Time Lapse photography refers to a photography technique where relatively slow movement is captured over a relatively long period of time. When played back, activities such as the blooming of a flower, appear to occur at regular, everyday speeds. With the release of iOS 8, Apple also added a time lapse feature to the camera app which was a very cool addition.

How It Works

At the user level, the time lapse feature is dead simple to use. Simply launch the camera app, select Time Lapse,  hit the record button and you are on your way.


The length of video recorded, determines, the number of frames which will be saved at the end of the recording. For shorter videos more frames are recorded while less frames are recorded for longer videos. It all balances out in the end, as long as the user records relatively slow movements only. This so called dynamic frame selection ensures that recorded videos are of a reasonable size while maintaining smoothness and quality.

Please note however, that your iOS device should be plugged into a power source for longer videos. Also, the device should be kept as still as possible while recording.

Apple took any complexity out of recording this type of video out of the equation for users, making an incredibly artistic functionality available to everyone which must be touted. You should definitely give it a try even if you feel like this kind of thing doesn’t appeal to you. Maybe you could start off with the classic recording of the passage of time from night until sunset and you will see just how beautiful time lapse photography is and just might get addicted from there.

Posted by Will on February 2, 2016

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