Tinder – How to Find Out Who Super Liked You

Tinder - How to Find Out Who Super Liked You

You already know that when you like someone on the Tinder application, if they’ve liked you too, then you’ll end up being a match with one another. But what about using Super Likes?

What’s a Super Like on Tinder? These are really unique “likes.” You should save them for that one particular person you’re seriously interested in hooking up with and meeting. If you’re using the free Tinder app, you only get one Super Like per day. We already discussed how to undo a Super Like. But how can you tell if someone has Super Liked you?

Follow along, and we’ll tell you how to see when someone has Super Liked you on Tinder.

Super Likes

To use a Super Like, you’ll swipe up on your mobile device’s screen in either iOS or Android. Or you can choose to show the person that you Super Like them in the Tinder application by tapping on the blue star icon instead of swiping up. But how do I know when someone’s Super Liked me? You have to check their profile.Super Like Star

Here’s how to find out if someone’s Super Liked you:

  • When you’re looking at a person’s profile on Tinder, the bottom of your display in the Tinder app may show up illuminated bright blue, with a blue star symbol at the center. This indicates that the person whose profile you’re viewing at that moment has given you a Super Like.
  • By swiping right on the Super Liker’s profile (as long as you “like” them also), you’ll become immediate matches. Then you can enter a conversation and get things started with your Super Liker.

So, when someone has Super Liked you on Tinder, it should stand out visually while you’re swiping through profiles to find a match–as long as you know what to look for.

If you’re a paid Tinder application user, you’ll receive five Super Likes per day to use as you wish. We don’t advise using those Super Likes haphazardly, though. Be selective—try not to look needy, creepy, or desperate. Save your Super Like for someone deserving, and someone you’ll actually have a chance of attracting back, so you don’t waste your Super Like. That’s just our two cents on how to use your Super Likes on Tinder.

Posted by Heather on August 12, 2016

11 thoughts on “Tinder – How to Find Out Who Super Liked You”

Allen paul says:
I hope this trick will really work for me thanks
eye says:
Hi there
What do You mean by “By swiping right on the Super Liker’s profile” /
How to do it?
Heather says:
Hi Eye,
Swipe right by touching the screen of your mobile device and sliding your finger to the right.
Furry says:
I recived a “superlike” from a girl and i liked her back but nothing happened, we didn’t match….
Can someone help me??
vb says:
Same happend to me
Alessandro says:
I receved a super like from a girl and i give her back a like but after that i didn’t send to her a message istantly and now , i can’t find her! Why?? What do I have to do to find her again? I don’t have tinder plus tinder plus and i think is not a problem bevause we have a match !! Can you help me ? Thanks
kyle says:
I got a super like from a cute girl and was out of likes/super likes. i had to back out and hope she would pop up again, which she didn’t hating life right now
Malerie Jane says:
Someone super liked me and It wouldn’t let me talk to him and now I can’t find him? Someone help please 🙂
Sarah says:
It could be because the person accidentally ‘super liked’ you. My friend was looking at my Tinder and swiped up to get more details on his profile. I then had to unmatch the person afterwards so would have disappeared from their match list.
Positive says:
Someone super liked me and i mistakenly swipe left because of over excitement, how do I get this person again?
Nick says:
I’ve been super liked by someone and it’s been 5 days and I still haven’t come across their profile. Should it be that hard to find?

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