Tinder – How to Find Out Who Super Liked You

Tinder - How to Find Out Who Super Liked You

You already know that when you like someone on the Tinder application, and if they’ve liked you too, then you’ll end up being a match with one another. But what about using Super Likes?

If you’re using the free Tinder app, then you only get one Super Like per day. What’s Super Like on Tinder? These are really unique “likes.” They should get saved especially for that one particular person you’re seriously interested in hooking up with and meeting. We discussed already how to undo Super Like. But, how can you tell if someone Super Liked you?

Follow along, and we’ll tell you how to see when someone has Super Liked you on Tinder.

Super Likes

To use a Super Like, you’ll swipe up on your mobile device’s screen in either iOS or Android. Or, you could also show a person that you Super Like them in the Tinder application by tapping on the blue star icon instead of swiping up on your screen.  Super Like Star

How do I know when someone’s Super Liked me? That’s an excellent question. Here’s how to find out if someone’s Super Liked you:

  • When you’re looking at a person’s profile on Tinder, a star icon and the bottom of your display within the Tinder app show up illuminated bright blue. This indicates that the person’s profile you’re viewing at that very moment has given you a Super Like.
  • By swiping right on the Super Liker’s profile (as long as you “like” them also), you’ll become immediate matches. Then you can enter a conversation and get things started with your Super Liker.

So, when someone has Super Liked you on Tinder, it’ll definitely stand out visually while you’re swiping through other people’s profiles to find a match.

If you’re a paid Tinder application user, you’ll receive five Super Likes per day to dole out as you wish. We don’t advise using those Super Likes haphazardly, though. Be wise and selective—don’t appear needy, creepy, or desperate. Save your Super Like for someone deserving, and someone that you’ll actually have a chance of attracting back, so your Super Like isn’t wasted. That’s just our two cents on the subject of how to use your Super Likes on Tinder.

Posted by Heather on August 12, 2016

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