30 Tumblr Sites to Surf While You’re Bored at Work, Home, or School

Posted by Jamie on March 31, 2017

Tumblr is ten years old this year. The microblogging platform has been entertaining us for 10 years now and has matured massively in that time. While not quite as popular as WordPress.com it counts its users and viewers by the million. If you haven’t tried it yet or don’t have many Tumble sites in your favorites, here are 30 Tumblr sites to surf while you’re bored at work.

I have collected a series of weird, entertaining and funny Tumblr bookmarks that help while away an hour or so at work or provide inspiration when I’m running short. They are just that too. Some are weird. Some are entertaining and some are seriously funny.

Fake Science

Fake Science has been around a while but in this age of fake news and alternative truths resonates more now than ever before. It is a minisite with a series of posters and postcards offering fake explanations for just about everything.

If Paintings Could Text

If Paintings Could Text is another amusing Tumblr site that helps while away a few minutes when you’re bored. It takes classical paintings and adds a text bubble with some amusing messages in it. Some of the quotes are funnier than others but I defy anyone to not laugh a bit when you visit.

30 Tumblr sites to surf while you’re bored at work2

Ugly Renaissance Babies

In the same vein, Ugly Renaissance Babies takes similar Renaissance and classical paintings that feature babies and adds an amusing quote underneath. Again, some are funnier than others but some of them are very clever.

Buzzfeed Tumblr

The Buzzfeed Tumblr is actually better than the main site in my opinion. I don’t usually go to it anymore but its Tumblr is quite amusing. At least for a few minutes. Like the others in this list, some posts are funnier than others but most will get at least a snigger out of you.

Texts from Bennett

Texts from Bennett hasn’t been updated in a little while now and it shouldn’t really be funny but it is. It is based on an apparently true story of a kid with a dumb cousin called Bennett who has quite the personality. The kid kept the text messages between him and his cousin and created this Tumblr. Some of this stuff really is priceless.

30 Tumblr sites to surf while you’re bored at work3

Old Loves

Old Loves is something completely different. It’s a blog about old pictures of celebrities who used to be in love. I never used to visit it much until it featured the picture of Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. That picture is one of the best ones of her anywhere and that alone is a good reason to visit. Some of the other images are good too.

Awkward Stock Photos

On a lighter note we have Awkward Stock Photos. As a prolific blogger, I use quite a number of stock images and do wonder sometimes at what the photographer was thinking. This Tumblr blog seems to do exactly the same thing.


Redditfront is a Tumblr that takes amusing gifs from Reddit and puts them into a single page for easy access. This is one of the more useful Tumblr sites to surf while you’re bored at work because it offers instant gratification and is updated often, or was until a month ago. Hope the owner is just on holiday or something.


Moustair hasn’t been updated in a couple of years so if you haven’t visited it before, it will be quite amusing. It’s a site featuring images of men with moustaches that also work as hair. Just visit it and you’ll see what I mean. Like I said, no updates for a while but if you’re bored, it’s worth a visit.

A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words is a little more serious and includes quotes that are inspirational, intelligent, amusing and unusual. There are lots of these kind of sites on the internet but this is one of the better ones. The quotes are curated properly and it shows.


Radiographista is the first of a few design Tumblrs I like. I’m no designer but I can appreciate form and this is a work friendly way to exercise that. Some of the products and designs on this site are simply stunning.

Design Cloud

Design Cloud is another design site that I visit often. It has a nice layout and good mix of design inspiration ranging across genre, taste and subjects. Whenever I need a bit of inspiration or an idea for something, I visit this and the other design Tumblrs I have. They definitely hit the mark.

The Last Message Received

The Last Message Received is an intriguing Tumblr blog. It is run by a young person and features the last messages received from those they lost or lost touch with. Some are harsh, some are incredibly sad, some are touching and some are downright bad. The blog is regularly updated and has hundreds of messages from across the world, usually with some kind of context or translation if it isn’t in English.

Cats of Tumblr

Yes, it is inevitable that cats would feature in this list somewhere. Cats of Tumblr is a cool Tumblr blog that has a wide collection of cat pics and gifs that can be quite amusing. There are the usual funny position and expression ones as well as some actually funny ones.

Inspire me now

Inspire me now is a great site that has a range of images from around the world of great art or design. Some you have to look at for a minute or two to figure out while others are instantly recognizable. All of them are clever and one of the many Tumblr sites to surf while you’re bored at work.


Quirksville is an interesting site run by two designers in London, UK. It features a wide range of images of random, quirky and very interesting images from around the world. If you just want to eye candy that makes you think, this is the site for you.

Game of Thrones Fan Art

Game of Thrones Fan Art is exactly that. Fan art of the award-winning show. It is a mixed gallery with some images being okay, some not so much. Some are simply brilliant though so makes surfing through the meh well worthwhile. With the new GoT series coming soon, this is a way to keep interest flowing until it arrives.

Kitchen Ghosts

Kitchen Ghosts is a photographic Tumblr featuring food and general kitchen images. It is superb. Lots of color, imaginative images and gifs and lots of food for thought. If I’m hungry or want some inspiration for a food blog I write for, this is where I come. Ideas quickly follow.

30 Tumblr sites to surf while you’re bored at work4

Film Noir Foundation

If you’re a fan of vintage black and white movies, the Film Noir Foundation will interest you. It’s a collection of images and videos of the golden era of Hollywood. It also has a secondary use of wanting to save old movies by digitizing and sharing them. I think it’s a great place to spend an hour every now and then.

America’s Great Outdoors

America’s Great Outdoors is for those days when you just want to walk in the wilderness but are stuck in the office. It features a huge number of images from around the country and some of them are simply awesome. While they aren’t quite the same as having the wind running through your hair, they are the next best thing.


Paperholm is an incredibly clever Tumblr that builds houses out of paper. Not your normal origami style either but seriously clever paper models made by real experts. This site only burns like five minutes or so but watching some of the paper models move is fascinating.

Star Wars

Sorry non-geeks but the Star Wars Tumblr is a must-see for anyone even remotely interested in the movie franchise. A series of entries featuring images, gifs, news, gossip and more on the most amazing movie series every to grace a screen anywhere.

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton is a global superstar and his Tumblr is always worth a browse. It isn’t the usual celebrity trash but genuinely interesting stuff. It includes his news and views, opinions and more. As a fan of the actor it’s always good to visit his Tumblr every now and then.

Cat Cosplay of the Feline Variety

Cat Cosplay of the Feline Variety is an amusing site that features the internet’s favorite pet, the cat. This time dressed up or Photoshopped into some costumes. Some are just dumb but others are pretty cool. Worth five minutes of your time anyway!

Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly has a huge Tumblr blog that is well worth keeping an eye on. There are the usual gifs and images but also some useful stuff too, especially if you like TV, movies and celebrity culture.

Oxford Academic

Every time I want to learn something new I visit Oxford Academic. It’s a huge site run by Oxford University Press and includes facts, random information and lots of useful stuff that I never knew existed. For random facts and figures, this is the place to come.

Man Make Coffee

Man Make Coffee is an unlikely hit to my eyes. A photo blog about coffee shops. Yet when you visit it, you see why it is so popular. The person who runs it has a real photographic eye and even if the subjects are very ordinary, the way they frame them makes them special. Plus, who doesn’t love coffee?

The Future is Now

The Future is Now is a tech blog with a difference. It responds to the world’s changes and offers insight into how technology can improve or alleviate the issue at hand. It is a genuinely useful Tumblr blog that I visit often.

The Art of Movie Stills

The Art of Movie Stills is exactly what the title says. A Tumblr blog that features movie stills that are art in their own right as well as an integral part of a larger piece. Some of the images are just amazing while others are more thought provoking.

Funny or Die

Funny or Die is sometimes not funny but occasionally is. The site is one of those that is worth visiting when you’re bored. It is always current and gets some things spot on. Given how much material there is in our country right now, there are a lot of posts here.

Tor Books

Tor Books is on here because I love reading. If you got all the way to the bottom of this post, you must love reading too, which is why this Tumblr blog is here. It features a wide range of features from the range, including interviews, sneak peeks and more. Well worth a look!

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