Turn OFF Camera Sound On iPhone 10

Posted by Sam Summers on October 3, 2018

One of the strongest points of the new iPhone 10 is the camera. The device has a powerful camera that you can take with you anywhere, and it will really be funny if you are in a quiet place and you want to take pictures, but you don’t know how to switch off the camera sound.

Personally, I find the shutter sound very annoying, I really don’t fancy it, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. Most especially, people that love taking pictures see the shutter sound feature as very unnecessary and annoying. Most people like the fact that they can take pictures silently without drawing attention.

However, the camera shutter sound is not disappearing anytime soon because there are some states in the US that it is actually illegal to take silent pictures. If you are going to use a digital camera to capture publicly in these states, it must produce the shutter sound.

If you will like to know how you can switch off the camera shutter sound on your iPhone 10, or if you will like to learn how you can reduce the volume of the sound, then you are reading the right article.

Using headphones is Ineffective

There are some smartphones that will automatically switch off the shutter sound when you plug in your headphone before taking the shot, the way this works is to transfer all sounds coming out of the smartphone directly into the headphone, but unfortunately this trick does not work on the iPhone 10.

Your iPhone 10 is designed to segregate the media audio from notification sounds; this means that even when you plug in your headphone, your iPhone 10 will still produce the shutter sound If you use your iPhone 10 to take a picture.

Mute or Turn Down the Volume of Your iPhone 10

An alternative option that is effective in switching off the camera sound is to reduce the volume of your iPhone 10 to the barest minimum. To do this, you just need to press and hold the hardware volume down key placed at the side of your iPhone 10 and keep holding the key until your iPhone 10 vibrates. This will ensure that your iPhone 10 does not make any sound when you use the camera to take a picture.

Using a third-party camera app

Another effective option that you can use to switch off the camera sound is to down a third-party camera app from your App store that has the option to switch off the camera shutter sound, such as Capera.

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