How To Turn Off Siri

Posted by Jodi Jae on June 10, 2016

As helpful as Siri can be, she can also leave you wanting to pull your hair out. Learn how to shut Siri up in an instant with this quick tip.

A quick Siri recap

Siri is Apple’s version of a personal management assistant. You can access Siri from any screen simply by pressing and holding the Home button—the large, round button on the bottom of your screen—for a few seconds. Do that and Siri springs to life, asking what she can help you with.

Siri can do all kinds of interesting things, like:

  • Add important things to the Reminders app
  • Enter data into your calendar or read your schedule to you
  • Make hotel and restaurant reservations
  • Input information into Apple Maps
  • Make phone calls
  • Read text messages and emails
  • …and a whole lot more.

Quieting Siri

Yes, Siri is a great tool when you need to be hands-free or perform a task quickly. That said, Siri has the annoying tendency to show up when you don’t want her around. Hit the Home button to fire up your phone and hold it down a little too long, and there’s Siri. Not a big deal if you’re sitting home alone on the couch, but it’s another story if you’re in a meeting at work. This is all down to user error, of course, but it’s still something you want to protect yourself from when you can.

When you silence Siri you’re not shutting her off completely, but quieting the audio feedback she emits when you summon her from the depths of your iPhone.

Step one: Go to Settings

open Settings on iPhone

Open the Settings icon on your iPhone with a quick tap.


Step two: Open General 

tap on General

Scroll down to the General option tab.


Step three: Open the Siri controls

open Siri controls

In the second panel of options, choose Siri.


Step four: Choose Voice Feedback

voice feedback in Siri


Step five: Pick Control with Ring Switch

Choose control with ring switch

Tap on Control with Ring Switch and a checkmark should appear.

You’ve now turned off Siri’s chatter.

As the fine print on your iPhone reads, controlling Siri with the Ring Switch—the slider button on the upper-left side of your phone that you use to turn off your ringer and set your iPhone to vibrate—means that Siri will no longer provide audio feedback. You can still ask her whatever you like and perform all your regular tasks using Siri, she’ll just stop speaking to you. Rather than vocal feedback, you’ll be alerted to what Siri is doing by needing to read text on your screen.

Ahhh, silence really is golden!

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