How To Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts

Posted by Arch on July 5, 2019
how to unfollow inactive twitter accounts

Twitter is one of the world’s top 3 social media networks, together with Instagram and Facebook. The problem with Twitter, however, is in the fact that your growth depends heavily on your following/followers ratio. The more followers you have and the fewer people you’re following, the more appeal your account will have and more legit it will appear to people.

Inactive Twitter accounts that you follow are essentially dead weights around your account’s proverbial feet and if you used the follow4follow technique, your account is likely riddled with these. Unfollowing them manually is always an option, but if the list is long you might want to automate the process.

Why Unfollow

In addition to the main reason stated above, there are others that will hinder your Twitter activity. For one, inactive accounts don’t engage in conversations on Twitter, and discussions are in the very foundation of the platform. Secondly, the inactive accounts will not retweet your posts, which is, too, an essential part of your Twitter presence.

Thirdly, as stated above, the inactive accounts increase your following count, which leaves a mark on your Twitter ratio. Finally, following a lot of inactive accounts decreases your profile’s authority and influence measure.


Unfollow Tools

By and in itself, Twitter does not offer a tool for automatic follow/unfollow. This is only natural, as this would decrease the credibility of the platform. However, outside tools do exist and they’re fairly easy to use. The two leading competitors are ManageFlitter and UnTweeps.


While not a mainly follow/unfollow tool for Twitter, ManageFlitter handles unfollowing bots and inactive accounts perfectly. First, you’ll need to go to the ManageFlitter home page and select the plan you want (Pro or Business), based on the number of Twitter accounts that you have. Once you’ve purchased and set up the app, log into your Twitter account via ManageFlitter and find the Unfollow page.

On this page, you’ll see the Inactive filter on the left-hand side and when you click it, you’ll see a list of inactive people that you’re following on Twitter. Now, you can start unfollowing the accounts that are inactive.

Another cool feature that this platform offers is finding the profiles that you follow that don’t have a profile image. These profiles are usually spam profiles and you should probably unfollow them.

unfollow inactive twitter accounts


The second cool tool for unfollowing inactive/spam/bot accounts on Twitter excels at user-friendliness and simplicity. UnTweeps simply uses the Twitter API in order to unfollow the target group of unnecessary accounts on your Twitter. Like ManageFlitter, the app connects to your Twitter account in a couple of clicks and lists all the inactive accounts that you’re following, with checkboxes next to their names.

Go through this list, check those you want to unfollow, click Unfollow Selected Tweeps, and that’s it. You’ve successfully unfollowed unwanted accounts on your Twitter profile.

Manual Unfollowing

If you don’t want to deal with a 3rd-party tool, for whatever reason, you can always perform manual unfollowing. However, in order to do so, you’ll have to set aside some time and curate a list of people you don’t know, but follow. Go to your list of who you’re following on Twitter and start checking their profiles. You’re looking for spammy content, clunky language, a large number of questionable links, and generic profile photos.

If an account has 3 or more of these, it deserves an unfollow. Also, feel free to unfollow all other accounts that look fishy for whatever reason.

Unchain Your Twitter Account

Twitter has made unfollowing hard for a reason, and many tools are being shut down on the basis of using the Twitter API. Manually unfollowing people will take some time, depending on the number of accounts that you’re following. However, you can rest assured that the people you’re following matter just as much as your own following.

What unfollow tools do you use? Have you tried ManageFlitter and UnTweeps? What are your thoughts on these cool tools? Type in your answers in the list below and, well, follow us on Twitter.

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Larry says:
Circleboom is still working .
LustStarrr says:
Both ManageFlitter & UnTweeps are no longer working.

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