How to Unzoom a Fire Stick Using Your Phone

Firestick is a neat and easy to use streaming device. It packs many of the features its larger Fire TV siblings have even though it’s significantly more affordable.

However, like any other piece of technology, it can have its moments and get stuck at an inopportune moment. For example, when you have zoomed your screen and need to unzoom it, Firestick can sometimes refuse to cooperate.

If this happens to you and your Fire TV remote does not seem to help fix the issue, don’t forget about your second option. The Fire TV app on your phone can help you unzoom your screen. Let’s take a closer look at the issue.

Why Is the Firestick Stuck in Zoom Mode?

Your Firestick’s remote is quite small. It doesn’t take much for it to accidentally zoom in. You don’t have to throw it with forcefully; you could have given it a gentle toss onto a couch cushion, and an unintended zoom could happen.

It can also happen if you sit on it by accident. Another way this problem can occur is when a user intentionally zooms in. The remote can freeze and refuse to zoom back out. In all of these situations, you can use your phone as a backup remote to get you out of the pickle.


The problem could also happen due to calibration issues with your remote. To fix this issue, go to the Calibrate Display portion that can be found in the Settings menu. Use up and down keys to adjust the level of calibration.

How to Unzoom Firestick from Your Phone

A great thing about using your phone as a Firestick remote is that the buttons are placed in the same way as on your remote. In other devices where your phone can double as your remote, that is not always the case. Amazon wants to make things as easy and as user-friendly as possible, so the remote and the Fire TV app have the same button layout.

Here’s how to unzoom your Firestick from your phone.

  1. Launch the Fire TV app.
  2. Open the Firestick’s main menu.
  3. Navigate to the Accessibility Settings section.
  4. Toggle the Magnifier option off.

Have in mind that you can’t tap two buttons at once. This means that you can’t use two-button combinations on your phone like you can on your remote. Therefore, this is the only option you have on your phone.

Other Ways to Control your Firestick with Your Phone

It is always a good idea to have the Fire TV app on your phone. If the remote freezes or you lose it, you can control the Firestick via your phone until you buy a new one. There are also things at which the phone is superior to a traditional remote. Let’s take a look at a couple of those instances.

The phone app gives you the option to use the keyboard. This can prove very convenient when you are searching for a particular app or a movie. Instead of using the Ring and the Search buttons, you can save time and use the keyboard. Your remote does provide you with a voice search option, but voice search can run into dialect issues that typing can’t.

amazon firestick

You can pull up all the applications you have on your Firestick directly to your phone. Phone shortcuts can save you even more time than being able to bypass the Ring and the arrow buttons. To access this feature, select the button right next to the keyboard icon.

Wrapping up

While the Firestick is a fantastic piece of technology, there can be hiccups from time to time. Remaining stuck in the zoom mode is one of the common hiccups. This can happen for several reasons, including calibration issues and buttons getting accidentally pushed.

If the screen gets stuck, you can always count on the Fire TV app on your phone. Besides being of enormous help when the remote gets stuck or lost, it has some neat advantages over the standard remote.

Do you prefer the remote or the Fire TV app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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