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How To Use Galaxy S9 Always-On Display?

How To Use Galaxy S9 Always-On Display?

If you just got the new Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus you may not know about The Always-On Display feature or also known as the AOD feature. What the function does is give you access to certain information that would normally require you to unlock the phone to access.

If you want to know more about the AOD feature on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 plus, then just follow the guide written below.

What is the Always-On Display Feature?

What the AOD Feature allows you to do is set a certain amount of information viewable on the display of your device, without having to unlock the phone. The “Always” part is great but can be a bit flawed. For example, if you keep your phone in your pocket or bag, you aren’t going to need to see the information at all.

What the Always-On Display feature basically does is give you a time and important sections of information from the notifications by displaying above the lock screen. You should know that there is a difference since it is not one with the lock screen but actually turns on when your screen display times out or when your phone is locked.

How can you Enable the AOD on Galaxy S9?

The feature is brilliant for the Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 plus despite this, the feature isn’t active by default. Don’t worry though because setting it up is simple and we are going to explain how you can do this.

Start by swiping down from the notification panel or you can open the Galaxy S9 App drawer, to find the Settings menu.

  1. Now go to the Display Menu and tap it to access other options
  2. Then go to the Always-On Display feature
  3. Finally, tap the switch and toggle it to ON. You can also drag it to right or the opposite if you want to turn the feature OFF

If you want to try another method, you can just use the quick setting buttons that are in your notification panel. It will make it faster and easier for enabling or disabling the Always-On Display feature.

How can you Customize the AOD Basic Features?

If you now activated the Always-On Display feature you will see a few new changes, one of which is how the Clock displays automatically. You will also see some new contents that can actually be turned to a layout in the more recent update.

For example, if you want to show the calendar on your display you can actually set a specific image for the background. All the options mentioned above are available for the Always-On Display feature. Another new feature is that the clock can be changed to your own style.

This is the same for all the background themes mentioned above. Have fun looking through and finding the perfect theme for you.

Always-On Display Doesn’t Work on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus

You’ll now know that Always-On Display is automatically changed to OFF when you enable it. When you’re having this problem one of the following may be the reason.

  • If you are low on battery (Below 5%) you can have problems with the Always-On Display feature.
  • Storing the device in your bag or pocket will also cause this issue
  • If the device isn’t on a flat service, it won’t activate.
  • The other reason may be the night clock widget is active.

Always-On Display and Battery Consumption Issues

One of the problems with using Always-On Display feature is the battery usage amount. The thing most don’t know is the Display won’t use more than 1% of the battery every hour. Samsung proved this fact in testing. The feature doesn’t affect your battery life.

Overnight battery consumption is usually around 6% when the Always-On Display feature is off. This is why many think that Always-On Display feature drains battery. You’ll find the feature won’t make much of a difference in the battery life.

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