How To Use LG V30 Fingerprint Sensor

Posted by Desmond Andrada on December 11, 2017

If you are an LG V30 user, chances are that you may have used its Fingerprint Sensor. This sensor enables your LG V30 to use your fingerprint to access apps or even Android pay using your fingerprint as the passcode.

To access the Fingerprint Sensor on your LG V30, head on to Settings  > Screen lock type > Fingerprints then follow the steps that will appear on your screen to activate and set up the fingerprint sensor on your LG V30. Afterwards, you can return to that setting and remove or add more fingerprints that will be registered to your scanner.

A great reason to use the LG V30 Fingerprint scanner is to be able to your fingerprint to unlock your LG V30 with one hand. One more reason you should optimize this feature on your LG V30 is that it removes the need for typing passwords on your LG V30’s apps or the sign in pages of the websites you’re visiting. The instructions below will teach you how to use the LG V30 Fingerprint Reader.

Setting up LG V30’s Fingerprint Scanner

LG V30 allows you to protect your phone with its improved built-in fingerprint sensor. It enables you to unlock those apps, pass the login pages of the websites you’re visiting, and unlocking your device with just a flick of your thumb. It’s easy to use and very quick to learn.

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Head on to the Lock screen and security located  in the Settings
  3. Press the Fingerprint option then tap Add fingerprint
  4. Make sure to follow the steps that will appear until the initiation sequence reaches 100 %
  5. Create a backup password
  6. Press Ok to activate the Fingerprint Lock
  7. To unlock your LG V30, long press your finger upon the Home button

Given the instance that your LG V30 is stolen from you, the fingerprint scanner may help you protect your personal data. However, it won’t help you get your phone back!

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