How To Use the New Snapchat Update

Posted by Sydney on May 1, 2017

Last January, Snapchat announced it’s most recent major update, introducing some handy new features intended to make it easier than ever to navigate the app and take advantage of all it has to offer. Snapchat 10 was rolled out gradually to users during the months of January and February. By now, you should be seeing the new version on your phone and, perhaps, wondering what some of these new features are.

Snapchat 10 New Features

The following changes were made to the app with the release of version 10.

  • The search bar is everywhere. Snapchat made it easier for users to get where they want to go by making the search bar available at the top of the camera screen, chat screen, and story screen. Just tap on the search field to activate it.


  • Quick access to friends. Search for a friend in this search bar and you’ll find it easy to interact with their Snapchat presence in a few different ways.
    • Tap your friend’s card to open a chat with them.
    • Tap the story thumbnail to view your friend’s story screen.
    • Tap and hold your friend’s card to view their mini profile.
  • Use search bar to find publisher stories. You don’t have to go through Discover to find publishers to follow. Just type in the name of a publisher and follow them directly from the search bar.


  • Profile icon for quick access. Snapchat 10 doesn’t just make it easier to search for others, it also makes it easier to access your own profile information. This icon is located in the top left and may show your bitmoji (more on this later) if it is connected to your Snapchat profile. If you don’t have a bitmoji, the icon will be the familiar Snapchat ghost.
  • Bitmoji is everywhere. Snapchat has embraced the bitmoji and has fully incorporated it into the app. Bitmoji for yourself and your friends are located everywhere. Tapping on these bitmoji will take you to that user’s profile.
  • Our stories available to all. You know longer have to be physically close to a location or event to participate in an our story community.

Some of these changes are self-explanatory. However, if you’re relatively new to Snapchat, you may be wondering about things like “bitmoji” and “our story.” We’ve taken some time to clarify a few of these Snapchat features.

What is Bitmoji?

Bitmoji is actually an entirely different app. It guides you in creating an animated avatar that you can use across messaging apps (including Snapchat). These avatars are a great way to stand out to your friends and followers.

What is Our Story?

Our stories are opportunities for snapchatters in the same area or at the same event to, as Snapchat puts it, “contribute to the same community narrative.” You can find these stories in your recent updates or by going to the Discovery screen.

What are Publisher Stories?

Most people are familiar with Snapchat as a means of communicating with friends. However, Snapchat allows “publishers” to share formal or branded snap content. You can follow the Food Network, National Geographic, the NFL, and more. Find them under Discover or use the handy new search tool.

Snapchat was designed with the user experience in mind. They’ve shown that they haven’t forgotten their roots with this user-centric update.

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