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Use Sleep Mode On Galaxy S9

There is a reason why every smartphone has the Do Not Disturb Mode. You can actually have uninterrupted time without having to switch off your phone or put it in Flight Mode. The Do Not Disturb mode will provide you with the perfect escape. If you have a hard time finding it, this guide may help you.
The reason is that this mode is sometimes known as the Blocking Mode. On your Galaxy S9, you can use the blocking mode to block notifications from reaching you. Although Samsung admits to using the name Blocking to signify its use, the other reason could be that since Apple, who are the main Samsung competitors are actually using the exact name ‘The Do Not Disturb’ for the same mode.
Without going much into the naming of this crucial feature, it is worth noting that the blocking mode can help you a great deal especially where you need to get rid of unexpected interruptions when you are doing something critically urgent. You can activate the blocking mode any time you go out for a dinner date. Also, when you are in an important business meeting or when you are in a prayer session.
If you are of the opinion that the blocking mode is too aggressive and you cannot use it, then that is probably because you are not aware of all the custom features that you can adjust in it. The blocking mode will give you a window to allow for very urgent and emergency notifications and calls to go through even when everything else has been put on hold.
You can easily learn how to execute the setup of the blocking mode on your Galaxy S9 without any trouble. Just read the systematic guide provided below.

How To Turn On The Blocking Mode On Galaxy S9

  1. With your Galaxy S9 turned on, go to the Settings menu.
  2. Once you get into the Settings menu, tap on the Blocking Mode.
  3. To activate the blocking mode, simply tap turn ON/OFF toggle to ON. You can find this toggle in the top-right corner of your screen.

To know that the blocking mode has been activated, you will see a small circle with a dash at the center in your status bar.  

How To Configure The Blocking Mode On Galaxy S9

In the blocking mode, there are several features listed with different options for customization. You will have sound as well as alerts that will be blocked on your Galaxy S9 by this mode. You can begin with two easy options. These are;

If you have any alarms that are set to wake you in the morning, you should be careful not to check the option of “Turn off alarm and time” box.
The blocking mode has even better settings which enable you to set an interval during which it should be active. What this means is that you do not have to keep going into settings to enable and disable the mode every time. Unfortunately, the time interval is the only time parameter that you can control in the blocking mode. Other than that, every other time-related settings such as the calendars and weekly differences are out of your control.

How to Set Exemptions for the Blocking Mode

The other important preference that Blocking Mode will allow you to adjust are the contacts that can still be able to call you when the blocking mode is active. This implies that while you are still able to avoid any other unnecessary calls, you might allow a few callers whose calls you consider to be important such as your parents and business partners call to reach you.

That is all you need to learn about using the blocking mode and configuring it to allow specific calls, alarm notifications and at what time intervals. As you might have realized it is really a walk in the park and nothing to lose sleep over. Just go through the steps one more time to make sure you’ve got them right.
Note, however, that the blocking mode is different from when you need to block a certain repetitive spam caller. To block such callers, you will need to add their contact number in the reject list from your phone dialer app. And that is pretty much different from the purpose for which the blocking mode was conceived.