Use Your iPhone’s Dictionary to Learn New Words While Surfing


Believe it or not, your iPhone is much more than just a convenient gateway to the internet and and your friends oh-so-interesting social media updates. Apple has seamlessly built tools into iOS than can help you learn while you go about your daily smartphone business.

For example, did you know your iPhone has a build-in dictionary that you can access from any web browser? It does, and here’s how to use it to upgrade your vocabulary.

Step 1: Open your favorite browser

internet browsers in iOS

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Chrome or Safari or something entirely different. Whatever your browser of choice, open it up by tapping on its icon, and surf to a random web page.

Step 2: Highlight a word

highlight word in Safari browser in iOS

Highlighting a word on any web page in iOS is as easy as putting your finger directly on the word and holding it there until until your chosen word is highlighted in blue.

Step 3: Define the word

define word on iOS

Once your word is highlighted, you’ll notice you have a few options to choose from in the new menu above your word. Pick Define by tapping on it to see the dictionary definition for this word.

Step 4: Read and learn

Once you’ve chosen the Define option, you’ll be taken to an internal dictionary page in iOS that will then tell you all about the word in question. Just like a traditional dictionary, Apple’s built-in virtual dictionary will teach you how to spell and pronounce a word, and also tell you what that word means, and how to use it in a sentence.

word definitions in iOS


By default, Apple searches both the American English definition (using the New Oxford American Dictionary) and the Apple Dictionary. You can change which source your information is pulled from by choosing the Manage option on the lower-left side of your screen. Doing this will allow you to choose a number of different dictionaries, including foreign language dictionaries.

Don’t you feel smarter already?


Posted by Jodi Jae on February 13, 2016

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