How to View Your Archived Orders on Amazon

Posted by Arch on August 25, 2019
how to view your archived orders on amazon

Amazon orders cannot be deleted. Deactivating your account won’t work either, as Amazon keeps track of everything you bought from them. Everything that you order will forever be a part of your digital record.

However, there is a way to hide your orders from others, despite the fact that Amazon having permanent access to them. This is called archiving and finding the archived orders is a bit tricky for a reason – the whole point is to make your orders hard to dig up.

How to Hide Amazon Orders

If you’ve already made orders on Amazon before, sign into your account and go to the homepage. There are multiple ways to hide an order, but let’s stick to the most straightforward one – archiving. While on the Amazon homepage, go to the top right corner and click Orders. This will take you to the page displaying the list of all the orders you’ve ever made on Amazon. You’ll see all the details, such as the date of order, price, etc.

To the right-hand side of each of your orders, there’s an Archive order command. Click this command and a popup window will appear, prompting you to confirm that you want to hide your order. Click Archive order in the popup window and your order will be archived, disappearing from the Orders list.

Hide Your Search

Let’s now see how to hide the orders properly. You’ve followed the guidelines from the previous section and confirmed that you want to hide the order by clicking Archive order for the second time, in the popup window. While this will remove the order from the default Orders view, your browsing history on Amazon will still show your searches, which makes it easy for someone Amazon-savvy to snoop on your orders.

When ordering something that you’ll want to archive later, do the browsing in the private or incognito mode. You may have to type in your login information every time, but it beats forgetting to remove the browsing history.

If you have used the regular mode in your browser, you’ll want to log into Amazon if you aren’t already logged in, and find the Browsing History link towards the top-right part of the Amazon homepage. If you’re having trouble finding this link, click Ctrl + F and type the words “browsing history” to search the phrase on the current page.

When you click Browsing History, you’ll see a list of recent searches. Hit Remove from view for each item that you want to remove from the search history.

view your archived orders on amazon

Find Your Archived Orders

Don’t worry, your archived orders are still there. As already mentioned, they will never go away, even if you deactivate your Amazon account. To access the archived orders, log into your Amazon account and click on the previously mentioned Orders link in the top right corner of the Amazon homepage. Under Your Orders, you’ll see a box with a drop-down menu. At the bottom of the list, you’ll see the Archived Orders link. Click on it and you’ll be redirected to the list of all the orders you’ve hidden.

How to Not Get Caught

Whatever the reason for you wanting to hide a particular order or a set of orders, you will need to pay attention not to get caught. Amazon does give you privacy, you have your login information that you aren’t supposed to share with anyone and you can log out after each browsing/ordering session, just to be safe.

This is why it isn’t recommended to share your account information with anyone. If you don’t want to have to log out every time you browse or order on amazon, simply use the private/incognito mode that every browser offers. If you want to share your account info with someone or trust them enough not to pry into your business, browse regularly and share your information with them.

how to view your archived orders

Viewing the Archived Orders

Archiving your orders is the best way to remove those special orders from the main Orders menu. However, anyone who can access your Amazon account can find them. You can always make a new account for your hush-hush orders.

Have you ever used the Archive Order option? Do you browse using the incognito/private window? Or do you use a separate account for special orders? Feel free to tell your story in the comments section.

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