How To View Kindle Highlights Online

Posted by Heather on December 16, 2018
How to View Kindle Highlights Online

In this day and age, books are digital as often as they’re physical. Maybe even more often. Even libraries have dedicated digital copies of books by now. The Amazon Kindle is one of the more popular e-readers, and an excellent way to read and keep all your books digitally organized.  Rather than just allowing you to read and nothing more, there are things you can do while you’re reading your digital content to keep track of important points.  You may like to highlight parts of a digital book for reference or to remember key sayings or quotes.  Perhaps you need to take notes to write a review or write a paper, but you don’t want to try and keep track of it in a separate document. An Amazon Kindle makes that easy.

Once you’ve highlighted text or taken notes while reading your Kindle, did you know you can view them online?  Yes, you can.  How?  Well, that’s where we come in with the details to help you figure it all out.

View Kindle Highlights

To see the highlights or notes you’ve taken while on your Kindle, you can simply go to a website and view them on your computer, or whatever other device you’re using to access the website. It’s very user-friendly.

  • Go to read.amazon.com/notebook
  • Then, log into your Amazon Account if you’re not already signed in.Kindle Highlights
  • Next, you’ll see the following page in your browser window.  After you’ve logged into your Amazon account, you’ll now have access to all your Kindle Highlights and notes.Kindle Notes

As you can see, I don’t currently have any notes or highlights to display.  Above is just what the Kindle Notes and Highlights dashboard looks like when it hasn’t been used, so you know you’re in the right place when you get to this page.

Highlighting Text on Your Kindle

Let’s talk about how you can add a highlight to your Amazon Kindle while you’re reading.  You can do this for a book or a document you’ve stored on your Kindle, and it’s easy to do. About as simple as highlighting a physical book, in fact.

  • Just drag your finger over the text that you want to highlight. After you take your finger off the Kindles surface you’ll see a notification telling you that you’ve just made a highlight.
  • If you’d like to undo the highlight right then, tap ‘undo’ in the toolbar that appears. If you come back later and you no longer need certain text highlighted, you can tap on it and choose to delete  it, and the highlight gets removed.

So, that’s how you can highlight and remove a highlight on your Amazon Kindle. Easy, right?

Make Notes on Your Kindle

To make Notes on your Amazon Kindle, just swipe the area of text that you want to be noted, highlighting it.

  • Then, the toolbar appears at the top of your highlighted text.
  • Tap on ‘note’ in the toolbar area.
  • Finally, you can add notes with the on-screen keyboard and note card that appears.
  • When you’ve finished writing notes, tap Save in the lower right of your note card.

If you need to edit a note, then tap on the number that appears at the bottom right of the highlighted note section.  The Notecard Box shows on your Kindle screen and you’ll have the option to share, delete, or edit your note.  Tap on edit if it’s needed, or delete if that’s what you’re after.

That’s all you need to do to take notes on your Kindle and keep track of essential points of a book or document.

Wrapping Up

Now you can take notes and highlight text on your Amazon Kindle.  Whether you’re writing up a report or just want to remember key points or emphasize something that stood out, it’s easy to do.

You can also access all your Kindle highlights and Notes online through your web browser at any time.  Just head to read.amazon.com/notebook and all your snippets can get accessed in your very own online Kindle notebook.

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Jennifer Youstra says:
Hey Heather,

Thanks for thee instructions. Any way I could downoad all of my highlights across books into a document? I think this functionality used to be available but I can no longer find a way.

Jennifer Youstra


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