How to watch American Netflix in Bali

Bali is one of those places that should be on everyone’s bucket list to visit. It is an Indonesian island best known for its lovely beaches, clear waters and friendly locals. It isn’t known for watching TV or spending much time indoors but visitors often like to do that when it’s too hot or too rainy outside. If you’re visiting the island anytime soon, you might want to watch American Netflix in Bali. This tutorial will show you how.

Bali is an idyllic island that seems almost created out of our idea of what an amazing tropical island should be. It’s small but perfectly formed and is an amazing place to visit.

Bali and VPNs

Bali is part of Indonesia which is regarded as a fairly open society. There have been government crackdowns on the internet, on social media and some news outlets. The government uses an AI crawler called Cyber Drone 9 to attempt identify fake news, pornography and LGBTI content and censor it.

There are some limits on what you can see when using Indonesian internet but it isn’t as bad as some other countries.

Bali and Netflix

According to, the US Netflix catalog has 1,157 TV shows and 4,593 movies. Bali/Indonesia has just 170 TV shows and 431 movies. That’s not a lot of content and would very likely disappoint American visitors if they wanted to keep up with their favorite TV.

There is a solution though. Use a VPN. Not only do VPNs help protect all your internet traffic from surveillance or hacking, they can also allow you to watch your US Netflix catalog from anywhere in the world.

When you sign up for a VPN service, you install an app onto all your devices. This app creates a secure, encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN server. Anyone watching your connection will see you’re on the internet but will not be able to see anything you’re doing.

The side benefit of a VPN is that if you use a US VPN server from your provider, when your traffic is decrypted it is given a US IP address which is enough to tell Netflix to show the US catalog.

The following VPN providers try to keep Netflix available anywhere in the world. They all use 256-bit encryption, keep no logs, are fast enough for streaming and offer their own apps for ease of use.


ExpressVPN is widely regarded as one of the best VPNs on the market. Thanks to a strong network, solid reliability, value for money and a dedication to privacy, it regularly features in TechJunkie VPN coverage. With over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, you’re covered wherever in the world you are.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access features regularly for the same reasons. It’s a large network that offers fast connections, robust encryption, a simple app, good customer service and competitive pricing. With 3,321 servers in 32 countries, its reach is also up there with the big guns.


NordVPN is another regular and a VPN that lets you watch American Netflix in Bali or anywhere. With one of the most secure networks in the world, 5,200 servers in 60 countries, speed, reliability, a solid app and decent customer service, this is definitely a provider to consider.


IPVanish has earned its place in this list thanks to its fast network, reliability of that network and of the app, strong encryption, decent value for money and some great reviews. With 1,300 servers in 75 locations, it has the reach we’re looking for in a VPN provider.


CyberGhost is a competitive VPN for all the right reasons. It’s fast, stable and has the app that makes it easy to use on any device. With over 3,600 servers in 60 countries, it’s another viable option for watching Netflix or keeping your surfing private. Either way, the encryption is powerful enough for most uses.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is also an option when shopping around for a VPN. It is also well reviewed and is regarded as fast enough for streaming, secure enough for everyday use and stable enough to depend on. With over 2,500 servers in 25 countries, it has the reach we’re looking for too. Well worth checking out.


VyprVPN is my final suggestion for a VPN that lets you watch American Netflix in Bali. As well as a cool name, the network has over 700 servers in 70 countries, including the US. It is fast enough to stream video, secure enough to keep you safe and stable enough that it shouldn’t drop at inopportune times. All things we look for in a VPN provider.

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This Guide Last Updated: November 11, 2019

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