How to Watch Disney Plus in a Different Country

Disney Plus is all the rage right now. It’s already attracted over 10 million viewers in the few countries it was released. To be exact, the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States. The service should go live on November 19 in Australia and New Zealand.

Other countries, unfortunately, don’t have an exact release date yet. But how can you watch Disney plus in a different country? Keep reading to find out.

Get Started By Signing Up

Before you start streaming your favorite Disney movies on Disney Plus, you’ll need to get signed up for an account. Start by signing up here for a free week trial, or get your favorite movies, shows, and sports for one low price by bundling Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus right here!

Why You Can’t Watch Disney Plus Without a VPN

The answer to this question is fairly simple. Disney is using geo-blocking to deny access to their service from any devices located in countries other than the ones we mentioned. When you hop onto their website, it tracks your IP address and realizes you’re not from these countries.

Then access is denied, which is a real shame. You may be familiar with this if you ever tried logging into Hulu from outside the U.S., but Disney hasn’t set up global servers yet. However, this move might be a part of a marketing strategy to make their service look exclusive and anticipated.

Disney Plus should be available in Western Europe in the first half of 2020, with Eastern Europe and Latin America releases set to follow in 2021. If you live in these countries, that’s a tough break.

However, there’s no need to despair. A simple VPN service can mask your location, allowing you to access Disney Plus as if you’re in the U.S. People did likewise to access American Hulu for years, and it isn’t rocket science.


How to Watch Disney Plus Using a VPN

There are many great VPN services you can choose from. We’ll talk about some of the best ones later. For now, let’s stick to the Disney Plus watching tutorial. If you’re not familiar with VPNs (virtual private networks), we have many detailed articles about them so feel free to check them out and expand your knowledge.

How to Watch Disney Plus on an iOS Device

Apple device users can watch Disney Plus on a VPN anywhere in the world. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for a VPN service and enable it on your iOS device.
  2. Create a brand new Apple ID using this link. You can use a browser on any device to do so. Remember to select the U.S. as your country and create a new email address for this purpose. After registering, you’ll receive a verification email with instructions. Verify your new Apple ID.
  3. Go to your iPhone or iPad Settings, then iTunes and App Store. Sign out from your current Apple ID and sign into the new one you just created.
  4. Buy an App Store Gift Card from Amazon. Depending on the duration of the subscription, choose the appropriate amount of money on the gift card. A monthly Disney Plus subscription is seven dollars, and the annual subscription is $70.
  5. Send the gift card in question to your email address and wait for it to arrive. Then you need to redeem your Amazon gift card. Follow the link for detailed instructions. In the end, this gift card will add balance to your new Apple ID that you can use to buy a Disney Plus Subscription.
  6. Download the official Disney Plus app from the App Store. Also, download the app for your VPN service of choice to your iOS device. Log in to the VPN and connect to a server located in the United States.
  7. Open the Disney app and sign up for a new account. Then, choose a subscription plan and use the new Apple ID you just created. Use the funds from the Apple ID to pay for the subscription. You’ll be charged after the trial period.
  8. Finally, you can watch Disney Plus from any country. Enjoy the various streaming content.

How to Watch Disney Plus on an Android Device

Android users are not left out. Here’s how to watch Disney Plus using a VPN on your Android device:

  1. Launch the VPN service of your choice on your Android and connect it to a U.S.-based server.
  2. Create a new Google account using any browser.
  3. Next, get a Google Play gift code from Amazon. Choose the desired amount and it will be sent to your email. You don’t need a VPN for this step, because you’ll use your Amazon account.
  4. When redeeming the code, you must have your VPN on. Use the link in your email to redeem it. When asked for your country, choose United States and enter a five-digit ZIP code for any US address (e.g. 10004 for Lower Manhattan, New York).
  5. Log into the new Google account from your Android device.
  6. Go to the Play Store app and download the Disney Plus app to your device.
  7. When it installs, open it. Select Start Free Trial and create a new account. Remember to use your new email address to sign up. When you reach the payment options, use your Play Store credit to pay.
  8. You can set up payment authentication but it isn’t necessary. After that, you’ll be able to use Disney Plus on your Android and stream everything that is currently available.

The Best VPNs for Watching Disney Plus

Finally, here are some recommendations for watching Disney Plus from any country. All of these VPNs are great, so choose one that you like the most. Our top three choices are the following:

  1. ExpressVPN – Over 3,000 servers in more than 160 locations across the planet. It has great encryption and the best speeds one could ask for, which is important for streaming videos.
  2. NordVPN – Over 2,600 servers, over 1,700 of which are in the U.S. It is a very fast VPN and an incredibly secure one.
  3. CyberGhost – This VPN has over 51,000 servers in nearly 100 countries. It has incredible speed, unlimited bandwidth, and 256-bit AES encryption.
    watch Disney Plus in different country

Enjoy Disney Plus

That’s how you watch Disney Plus from any country in the world, on Android and iOS devices. Remember to choose a reliable VPN, and that’s basically it. You can stream f as much great Disney content as you please.

What are your thoughts on Disney Plus? Did you try watching from a different country? Let us know in the comments section below.

One thought on “How to Watch Disney Plus in a Different Country”

Avatar Clara says:
If I have one account at Disney plus and travel to another country that is still not available can I use the same way without vpn?
Avatar Ryan says:
Clara, no Disney+ will not work without a VPN. Disney+ is only available in certain countries at the moment. You can check the available countries by visiting their website.

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