The Best Places to Watch DragonBall Z Online [September 2020]

To say Dragon Ball Z is popular in the world of anime is something of an understatement. Originally adapted from the manga series from the 1980s that included over five hundred episodes, the anime version includes around 325 of those. If you’re late to the party or want to rewatch this series, this page lists what I think are the best places to watch Dragon Ball Z online.

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If you’re new to the show, here’s what you need to know: the story follows Goku and his friends as he defends earth from a selection of foes who come from space in various forms intent on taking over the world. They range from androids to magic users and pretty much everything in between. The original series featured Goku as a child and teenager while Dragon Ball Z follows him into adulthood.

Where to watch Dragon Ball Z online

There is only one legitimate source for Dragon Ball Z in the US and Canada as one organization has exclusive rights to it. There are other sources of course and I’ll cover those too. I would encourage everyone to use the legit source wherever possible though to help support anime and the worlds we love.

3 thoughts on “The Best Places to Watch DragonBall Z Online [September 2020]”

Avatar Zack95 says:
Dragon Ball Z Kai is uncut and has plenty of blood in it, ignore the RP idiot above like other people said. Only the TV version of DBZ Kai was censored, the actual DVD and Blu Ray release is uncut will tons of blood in it just like the original DBZ and whenever you watch DBZ Kai now online anywhere you will always watch the uncut version with blood in it. Its also again more accurate to the manga in English so DBZ Kai is actually the correct and definitive way to watch Dragon Ball Z since the old English dub was so bad and wrong and incorrect. Any real Dragon Ball fan will recommend Kai in English since its the actual story the creator manga from the manga done right in TV anime form in English. The original DBZ in Japanese is fine but never watch that old English version as its trash and has bad voice acting and dialogue and its very slow too with those faults as well. DBZ Kai in English is more accurate and much more professional.
Avatar Sir_Melhaven says:
Funimation only has two seasons on it. The last episode is when Ginyu turns into a frog. That’s it.
Avatar Darion84 says:
People should only watch Dragon Ball Z Kai in English. The old Dragon Ball Z Funimation English dub was bad and had inaccurate translation, don’t tell Americans to watch that version. Kai is faster paced, barely/no filler, closer to the manga, has better voice acting, and has a more accurate script, translation, and proper dialogue amoung characters to avoid confusion on what characters actually said.
Avatar RP123 says:
As a Dbz fan, never recommend Kai above the original DBZ. Kai is a childish no blood censored, hasty and no character build ups whatsoever ripoff.
Avatar Manny98 says:
Stop being ignorant, Dragon Ball Z Kai is the correct more accurate version to watch in English. Get out of your nostalgia for the old censored dub on TV that was wrong and incorrect to the original Japanese manga, everything was changed and kiddy with the dialogue. Kai is faster, bloody, has cursing, is more accurate and has better more professional voice acting. Funimation the voice actors even approve and agree Kai is better and more accurate, so take off your dumb nostalgia glasses my friend and wake up. Do you research and maybe you’ll learn something on what Dragon Ball truly is.

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