The Best Websites to Watch Live Sports Free

In the future there will be no such thing as geoblocking and all media will be available to everyone regardless of where you live. Until that time we have the internet. The repository of everything useful and plenty that isn’t. If you want to watch your favorite sport but cannot through legitimate means, here are some of the best websites to watch sports streams for free.

Here at TechJunkie, we don’t get into the politics or legalities of how things are as there are lots of websites for that. Instead, we concern ourselves with delivering accurate, reliable information on all manner of tech subjects. Access to our favorite sports is just one such subject.

Be aware that there is a constant fight to take these websites offline so while this list is accurate as of March 2017, it may date quickly. Most sports streaming sites require a login, so now might be a good time to read ‘Great Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail’.

Websites to watch sports streams for free

A buddy of mine is serving the Coast Guard and is seconded to the UK for two years. He cannot access football or NBA from there and asked me for help. That is what prompted this post. If you’re in a similar situation, this is for you.

Cricfree is a very simple website to navigate. The home page lists available channels and the schedule is front and center along with times shown in local. If you see a Watch button in orange, it means the stream is showing live right now. If it is gray, it means it is scheduled for later.

You will need a login to use but as far as I can tell, aside from a few ads, there is nothing bad going to happen to your device if you use this site.

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LiveTV is a slightly better looking website that shows a huge range of sports. From soccer to tennis, golf and Formula 1, it’s all here. The information isn’t as quick to access as Cricfree, just use the Broadcasts menu at the top of Top Broadcasts box on the front page.

You will need a login to use LiveTV but that’s it. Once you log in you have access to all the streams running on the site. Advertising is fairly unobtrusive too.

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VIP Box has a decent front end with selection boxes for all types of sports. Click a box and you are taken to the stream page showing what’s on for that box. The schedule can run up to several months in advance depending on what data is available and times are shown in local time.

You will need a login to watch anything here too. Once you log in, you see a separate stream page with decent quality streams that run credibly well.

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Boss Cast

Boss Cast is a U.S.-centric website to watch sports streams for free that covers all our favorites. The main page is simple and while not exactly attractive, it is simple to use and makes it easy to navigate. Select a channel from the left of the main screen or a live stream from the center. That’s all there is to it.

You will need a login and the stream takes you via an ad server so if you use hostfile ad blocking this website might not work. If you just use a browser extension, whitelist the domain and it should work fine.

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If you like soccer, is for you. It shows many of the world’s biggest games and has a strong social element too. The community is large, vocal and very passionate about their soccer. If this is your sport, this place is likely to become a second home.

You will need to log in and will see ads, but the site is simple and the streams are good quality.

The best websites to watch sports streams for free-7 is apparently very popular website to watch sports streams for free. It is an attractive site with a good selection of sports. Streams are of a good quality and easy to access. Simply select a sport from the main page or even a live stream if there is one running. A new window will open and the stream will show.

This site seems to require a login but only intermittently asks for one.

As I mentioned above, there is a continuous battle to take these websites down. While these work right now, they may not when you come to test them.

Got any other websites to watch sports streams for free? Sites that don’t try to serve you adware or worse? Tell us about them below if you do!

Posted by Jamie on March 13, 2017

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Jeena says:
which one is best to watch football among I don’t like hanging, Please reply me.
rugbyhdstream says:
VIP BOX is best among them if you want to watch for free.

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