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Posted by Andrew on December 12, 2018

The wedding is coming, congratulations! It’s a very important day for newlyweds (one of the most important basically), so you are most likely looking for a wedding poem that would express all your thoughts, wishes and feelings. Right?
We know what you feel. Finding the right words for such an important occasion may be a real problem — not because you have nothing to say, of course, but because you are too nervous to gather your thoughts and feelings. It’s a very common situation and you shouldn’t worry about it, because it’s not a problem at all. We are here to help you!
Check these 36 beautiful wedding poems for you to read at a wedding ceremony, choose one and make the newlyweds happy. Let’s go!

Famous poems for weddings

The meaningful wedding poems have always worked well… and here we have a few examples that will certainly prove that we’re telling the truth. If you are not into poetry and can’t write your own verses, you just have to take a look at these famous poems.

  • The fountains mingle with the river
    And the rivers with the ocean,
    The winds of heaven mix for ever
    With a sweet emotion;
    Nothing in the world is single;
    All things by a law divine
    In one spirit meet and mingle.
    Why not I with thine?—
    See the mountains kiss high heaven
    And the waves clasp one another;
    No sister-flower would be forgiven
    If it disdained its brother;
    And the sunlight clasps the earth
    And the moonbeams kiss the sea:
    What is all this sweet work worth
    If thou kiss not me?
  • Congratulations on your marriage,
    Have a wonderful life!
    You are two terrific people,
    Now teamed as man and wife.
    A team with blessings like yours
    Will live a life you’ll cherish;
    You’ll find happiness everywhere,
    For your love will never perish.
  • A time for romance,
    Hearts warm with joy,
    Tingles of anticipation.
    A time for love,
    Merging your two lives
    Together as one.
    A time for hopes,
    That your fondest dreams
    Will come true, together.
    A time for plans,
    Sharing ideas
    To make it all happen.
    May your reality
    Exceed your happiest wishes
    In every way!
  • Understand, I’ll slip quietly
    Away from the noisy crowd
    When I see the pale
    Stars rising, blooming over the oaks.
    I’ll pursue solitary pathways
    Through the pale twilit meadows,
    With only this one dream:
    You come too.

Inspirational poems about marriage and love

Something inspirational, maybe? We are sure that both bride and groom (or should we call them wife and husband already?) need some inspiring words on this day. These poems are not too long, so you can read them during the ceremony without worrying that you can forget something.

  • Let us be like
    Two falling stars in the day sky.
    Let no one know of our sublime beauty
    As we hold hands with God
    And burn
    Into a sacred existence that defies—
    That surpasses
    Every description of ecstasy
    And love.
  • I used to be shy.
    You made me sing.
    I used to refuse things at table.
    Now I shout for more wine.
    In somber dignity, I used to sit
    on my mat and pray.
    Now children run through
    and make faces at me.
  • The day of your marriage, it’s true
    So shiny and fine,
    With all best friends beside you
    To have a good time.
    We wish you showers of love
    Starting your lives as one,
    And happiness shared together
    May reign your lives forever!
  • Capture all the precious moments
    And hold them in your heart,
    Today you vow to each other
    And make a perfect start!

Beautiful short wedding poems

The wedding poems have to be short. Well, of course, it’s not necessary — like, if you need a long 64 line poem, you can get it, but just imagine how long will it take to read it! Here we have some beautiful and short poems that will help you express all your feelings. Check them out:

  • A promise of a wedding,
    That two hearts truly make,
    A vow to be loving,
    To guide, to give and take!
  • Till the depth of sea gets dry, my dear,
    And the rocks melt in the sun,
    I will love you still, my dear,
    While the sands of life shall run.
  • You are the joy of my life.
    In you I found much more than I ever hoped,
    more than I ever dreamed a man could be.
    In your arms, I feel happy, safe, protected.
    You’re my hero, my defender, my soul mate, my love.
  • Don’t write your names in the sky – the wind will blow them away,
    Or don’t leave them in the sand – waves can wash them away.
    But post the names in your hearts today,
    And forever them will safely stay.

Greatest love poems for wedding ceremonies

Some people say that a love poem for wedding ceremony should be written by yourself. We believe that it’s not necessary — just take a look at these 4 greatest poems we’ve found for you and you’ll see it, too. These poems can express what you feel, because they are extremely deep and beautiful — and the good news is that you won’t to spend your time on writing!

  • You are my husband, you are my wife
    My feet shall run because of you
    My feet dance because of you
    My heart shall beat because of you
    My eyes see because of you
    My mind thinks because of you
    And I shall love, because of you.
  • The wine of Love is music,
    And the feast of Love is song:
    And when Love sits down to the banquet,
    Love sits long:
    Sits long and ariseth drunken,
    But not with the feast and the wine;
    He reeleth with his own heart,
    That great rich Vine.
  • Let’s love, listen, take time
    when time is all we have.
    Let’s be unafraid to be kind,
    learn to disregard the bad
    if the good outweighs it daily.
    Let’s make a gift of silence,
    the day’s hushing into dark,
    and when we hold each other
    let’s always be astonished
    we are where we want to be.
    Let’s hope to age together,
    but if we can’t, let’s promise now
    to remember how we shone
    when we were at our best,
    when we were most ourselves.
  • Let me put it this way:
    if you came to lay
    your sleeping head
    against my arm or sleeve,
    and if my arm went dead,
    or if I had to take my leave
    at midnight, I should rather
    cleave it from the joint or seam
    than make a scene
    or bring you round.
    There, how does that sound?

Marriage poems for a wedding day

If you are looking for some amazing marriage poems to read at a ceremony, you’ve actually already found them. All you have to do now is to read the poems we’ve collected here, choose one of them and learn it by heart. We guarantee that you will impress all the guests and the bride/the groom if you follow these simple steps!

  • Out
    Of a great need
    We are all holding hands
    And climbing.
    Not loving is a letting go.
    The terrain around here
    Far too
  • When two people are at one
    in their inmost hearts
    They shatter even the strength of iron
    or of bronze
    And when two people understand each other
    in their inmost hearts
    Their words are sweet and strong
    like the fragrance of orchids.
  • Geniuses of countless nations
    Have told their love for generations
    Till all their memorable phrases
    Are common as goldenrod or daisies.
    Their girls have glimmered like the moon,
    Or shimmered like a summer moon,
    Stood like a lily, fled like a fawn,
    Now the sunset, now the dawn,
    Here the princess in the tower
    There the sweet forbidden flower.
    Darling, when I look at you
    Every aged phrase is new,
    And there are moments when it seems
    I’ve married one of Shakespeare’s dreams.
  • From this day forward,
    You shall not walk alone.
    My heart will be your shelter,
    And my arms will be your home.

Romantic wedding ceremony poetry

Basically, when it comes to the wedding ceremony, romantic poems work perfect in the absolute majority of cases. Especially if these poems are beautiful, romantic and sweet (just like the ones you’re about to see right now). Ready?

  • Morning sun is sweet and soft on your eyes
    Oh my love, you always leave me surprised
    I feel my heart starts to burst
    With all my love for you
    I know how it rains
    I know how it pours
    I never could feel this way
    For anyone but you
  • Close close all night
    the lovers keep.
    They turn together
    in their sleep,
    close as two papers
    in a book
    that read each other
    in the dark.
    Each knows all
    the other knows
    learnt by heart
    from head to toes.
  • You will be the clouds
    and i will be the sky.
    you will be the ocean
    and i will be the shore.
    you will be the trees
    and i will be the wind.
    whatever we are, you and i
    will always collide.
  • You were you
    and I was I;
    we were two
    before our time
    I was yours,
    before I knew
    and you have always
    been mine too.

Ideas of wedding poem readings

We can’t write the poem for you, but we can do something better than that — we can show you some lovely and unique examples that will definitely inspire you. Don’t waste your time, because they are already here!

  • Home is not where
    you are from
    it is where
    you belong.
    Some of us
    travel the whole
    world to find it.
    find it in a person.
  • So this is love
    So this is what makes life divine
    I’m all aglow
    And now I know
    The key to all heaven is mine
    My heart has wings
    And I can fly
    I’ll touch every star in the sky
    So this is the miracle
    That I’ve been dreaming of
    So this is love
  • His hello was the end of her endings.
    Her laugh was their first step down the aisle.
    His hand would be hers to hold forever.
    His forever was as simple as her smile.
    He said she was what was missing.
    She said instantly she knew.
    She was a question to be answered.
    And his answer was “I do.”
  • But in the cold light I live to love and adore you
    It’s all that I am, it’s all that I have
    In the cold light I live, I only live for you
    It’s all that I am, it’s all that I have

Wedding blessing poems for bride and groom

Yes, some people just say “God bless you”, but we are sure that’s not enough. In such a case, the poems are what you need. Each of these short poems will be a good choice if you want to say congratulations to the newlyweds!

  • Marriage is not
    a house or even a tent
    it is before that, and colder:
    the edge of the forest, the edge
    of the desert
    the unpainted stairs
    at the back where we squat
    outside, eating popcorn
    the edge of the receding glacier
    where painfully and with wonder
    at having survived even
    this far
    we are learning to make fire
  • Here you go
    light low and long
    in the fields
    at sunset and sunrise
    Everything twice
    a doubled existence
    two nows
    two thens
    two names
    yours and the other one
    also yours
    folded into a paper boat
    the points of which
    constellate stars
  • Three paces down the shore, low sounds the lute,
    The better that my longing you may know;
    I’m not asking you to come,
    But—can’t you go?
    Three words, “I love you,” and the whole is said—
    The greatness of it throbs from sun to sun;
    I’m not asking you to walk,
    But—can’t you run?
    Three paces in the moonlight’s glow I stand,
    And here within the twilight beats my heart.
    I’m not asking you to finish,
    But—to start.
  • I’ve carved a cave in the mountainside.
    I’ve drilled for water, stocked provisions
    to last a lifetime. The walls are smooth.
    We can live here, love, safe from elements.
    We’ll invent another love that can’t destroy.
    We’ll make exquisite reproductions of our
    selves, immortal on these walls.
    And when
    this sea that can’t support us is burned clean,
    when the first new creatures crawl from it,
    gasping for water, air, more wondrous and more
    wild than earth’s first couple, they shall see
    there were two before them: you and me.

The best wedding vow poems

Using poems as a wedding vow  is a very touching tradition, and if you are looking for some of them, well, we have something for you to offer. Meet only the best, the most lovely and the most beautiful ones!

  • In the presence of God and these our Friends,
    I take thee to be my wife,
    promising with Divine assistance to be unto thee
    a loving and faithful wife
    as long as we both shall live.
  • I promise to love you above all others and
    to value your friendship as a precious gift.
    I look forward to raising our family and building
    our relationship under the care and guidance of God.
    I promise to stand beside you in sickness or health,
    in times of prosper and decline, in peace and in turmoil,
    as long as we both shall live.
  • You have become mine forever.
    Yes, we have become partners.
    I have become yours.
    Hereafter, I cannot live without you.
    Do not live without me.
    Let us share the joys.
    We are word and meaning, unite.
    You are thought and I am sound.
    May the nights be honey-sweet for us.
    May the mornings be honey-sweet for us.
    May the plants be honey-sweet for us.
    May the earth be honey-sweet for us.
  • . . . I give you my hand!
    I give you my love more precious than money,
    I give you myself, before preaching or law;
    Will you give me yourself?
    Will you come travel with me?
    Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?

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