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Posted by Andrew on May 18, 2018
Large package of condoms a humorous gift for girlfriend

Gifts are an indispensable attribute of any holiday. Undoubtedly, each of us likes to receive original gifts. To choose the right gift for relatives, friends, and colleagues is real art. We suggest you some ideas of the most original, unique and creative gifts for different holidays.
Original surprises can evoke a lively reaction. After all, they are able to admire, surprise and delight your loved ones and friends. Interesting things must be chosen with a good mood, a sense of humor and imagination, taking into account the interests of the recipient of the gift.
You cannot give funny and weird gifts to everyone. Limiter for this type of gift is the presence or absence of a sense of humor of the gift receiver. Even the possession of a sense of humor doesn’t give the “green light” for weird gifts. After all, there are people who gladly take potshots at someone, but they are furious when they are teased in return. Their sense of humor is selective. There are also people with a hypertrophied perception of the funny. There are intellectuals, aesthetically assessing everything that falls under the category of funny gifts.
In general, before deciding on funny and weird gifts, you need to double check to be sure. But if you know that your friends like funny things and they like unusual and strange gifts – keep reading to learn new creative gifts ideas!
You know exactly the series of comics Cyanide & Happiness. This is a very simple game in terms of its rules, based on the idea of these comic books. The essence of the game is that different sketches are depicted on the cards. Players place 2 random cards on the table in front of them: these cards serve as the plot string, after which all players must come up with their own version of the ending. Card game for adults with a bunch of black humor and vulgarity. Don’t give it to your granny if you don’t want her to have a heart attack.

Drinking Helmet – an idea of weird gifts on Christmas

Drinking Helmet an idea of weird gifts on Christmas
Do you want to buy an original gift for a man? We bring to your attention a hit of sales – a helmet for drinks! Such a gift will be appreciated by any man, and in fact, most of them are fans of football and beer! Such a helmet with the drinks holders will allow your friend to prepare in advance for watching the long-awaited match on TV and his favorite drink will always be at hand. The main advantage of such a gift is the popularity among real football fans who regularly go to the stadium to support their favorite team! The helmet with fasteners for drinking has the following benefits: Your hands will always be free; your drink will not heat up quickly; drinks will always be at hand and will not be spilt; low cost of a gift. Present such a gift for Christmas to your dad – he will definitely appreciate it (unlike your mom, most likely)!

Fake cake – funny gift ideas for friend’s birthday

Fake cake funny gift ideas for friends birthday
On the birthday, it is customary to give a cake. But wouldn’t it be trite and boring, just give an ordinary cake? Play pranks on your friend and give him a fake one! He will definitely be surprised. By the way, unlike the real one, this cake does not contain calories and will not allow your friend to gain excess weight. So you show that you care about his health! This is just a joke, of course. But such a funny gift is definitely worth your attention if you want to surprise a friend on his birthday.

Blow Up Dolls – odd gifts idea

Blow Up Dolls odd gifts idea
Is your friend lonely and has long been dreaming about the perfect girl? Solve his problem! Cheer your company, and stand out with a ridiculous gift of a rubber girl. Such an odd but funny gift will cheer up a lonely friend who has a good sense of humor! It is also an excellent gift for a love-mate and lovers of sexual games. Blow up doll is a gift for people who have everything.

The Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder – an example of joke presents

The DumpaTrump Pen Holder an example of joke presents
Is your friend a Democrat?  Then he will definitely appreciate such a gift! However, this present will be considered cool regardless of political preferences, because you just cannot stop laughing looking at it: thoughtful handmade design to look like a real Donald Trump. It even includes the president’s signatures and the famous red hat with the inscription “Make America Great Again”. In addition, it is a really useful thing – it holds well pens, pencils and other office supplies and even glasses. The recipient will find it useful in his workplace.

Spoon-fork clocks – random gifts

Spoonfork clocks random gifts
No one will deny that the wall clock is a very interesting and beautiful home attribute. Many owners of apartments or private houses try to decorate their homes with interesting models of original watches. Wall clock is a useful and practical gift. But how to make it more creative? Just choose the right model! Looking at the spoon-fork clocks, you can not help smiling and start thinking about dinner. Such wall clocks will certainly decorate any interior or become an original gift to loved ones and dear ones. Choose spoon-fork clocks if you have not enough time to come up with a gift.

Poo Plush Backpack – really strange gifts

Poo Plush Backpack really strange gifts
Have you ever been given strange gifts? Maybe you gave? Maybe it’s time to try, if not? A backpack is a useful and practical accessory that makes our life more comfortable, and a humorous and odd backpack can make it more fun. Poo Plush Backpack is really an unusual and unexpected kind of accessory for bold and extravagant people. It will definitely help you stand out from the crowd! Despite its ridiculous appearance, it can easily be used every day, as it is quite convenient and it’s certainly irreplaceable for different parties!

Female Massage Toy – crazy gifts ideas

Female Massage Toy crazy gifts ideas
Times, when the best gift was a book, remained in the distant past. Today the best gift is something extremely useful. For example, a female massage toy is not only useful, but also incredibly pleasing! This slightly crazy idea of a gift will suit sophisticated girlfriends who know that they are ready for bold decisions. The elegant design of the product and its refined lines will appeal to girls who love beautiful and expensive things. The main thing – choose the right message to the gift, if she has a subtle soul organization something might go wrong and she may decide that you consider her an ice queen.

Ridiculous underwear – an example of stupid gifts

Ridiculous underwear an example of stupid gifts
To attract attention, designers are ready for any experiments. Today, no one is surprised with a mind-blowing platform, a meat dress or a hat that looks like an animal feeder. The designers of underwear are in step with their colleagues. Do you know that funny male and female underwear with inscriptions is one of the most popular methods of seduction and kindling of passion fire? Yes, with such cool pants with ridiculous inscriptions, even an ordinary striptease becomes an exciting quiz! You can also buy something really extreme to play a trick on your best friend. This is a stupid, but cute and funny gift to pull a prank on the gift receiver.

Boobs Mold – a silly gift for him

Boobs Mold a silly gift for him
Your friend has a party, but something is missing? Perhaps a little lady parts? Give him a really weird gift – a silicone mold in the form of boobs! You can prepare a snack in it for a really cool bachelor party! However, if your friend has a good sense of humor, he will use it in other cases as well. After all, it can be just placed on the shelf and please the male eye. The boobs mold is an unusual, funny and slightly silly gift for him, which will definitely help you stand out among other guests who give banal presents. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time! P.S. most likely after such a gift, you should expect from the friend something stupid and funny for your birthday too!

Toilet Golf Game – funny cheap gifts for boyfriend

Toilet Golf Game funny cheap gifts for boyfriend
Does your boyfriend spend a lot of time sitting on the toilet? Find the advantages in this! After all, you can deal with your women’s affairs and no one will distract you – manicure, face masks, dancing to stirring music. We bet you will not object to this kind of pastime! Okay, this is a joke. But many can really like the toilet golf game. It provides something more interesting than reading magazines in the bathroom. The toilet golf game can become the main theme of decorating the most visited room in the house, as well as a creative gift to a person with a sense of humor, on conditions that the sport is one of his interests! An exciting floor structure will help master the skill and, on occasion, win in a real tournament. Toilet drills will not sink in!

Drinking Roulette Set – unique funny gifts

Drinking Roulette Set unique funny gifts
You ask yourself what to present before your friend’s birthday? Present this unique funny gift! It will bring joy to the birthday boy and all his guests. Be original! The Drinking Roulette will surprise your friends, family, co-workers. Such an original and funny gift, like a roulette with wine glasses, will certainly fill the holiday atmosphere with fun and excitement. Pour out a strong drink on the glasses, twist the roulette, and let the lucky beggar, whose ball falls on the lucky number, drink the appropriate glass.
Roulette is a symbol of the casino and is associated with luxury and excitement. Gambling is very exciting and not at all dangerous if you play not for money, but for something more interesting that will raise the general spirit of the whole company. With the drinking roulette game, you can have a lot of fun! This set is an excellent gift for gambling people with a sense of humor. In this game, there are no losers. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!

Backscratcher – an example of hilarious gifts

Backscratcher an example of hilarious gifts
What to do when your back itches? A person, who faced this problem, immediately appreciates the whole use of backscratcher. A backscratcher is a very original, unusual and hilarious gift to friends, colleague and relatives! Despite all the humor, this is a very useful gift! It will be appreciated by people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Thanks to the long handle, it is comfortable to use. This original accessory will help to scratch the hard-to-reach place, relieving the feeling of discomfort. It is convenient to use while watching movies or sitting at the computer. Such an unusual present will certainly please your closed person and make him smile.

Boob Stress Reliever – a cool ridiculous present

Boob Stress Reliever a cool ridiculous present
Looking for a ridiculous gift? А Boob Stress Reliever fits the bill! Do you feel depressed? Are you tired of your work? Your computer delivers troubles? Don’t let all this upset you. Nine out of ten men prefer natural balls to relieve stress – woman’s breasts. When you don’t have a real breast at hand (which can be the cause of stress itself), the solution is simple – Boob stress reliever! The huge ball in the form of a tit quickly distracts from a daily routine, helps to calm down and relax. It is always at hand when you are stressed. Keep it on your desk, in your pocket or even in your bag. Boob Antistress Ball – an original and funny gift for men!

Sex joke mug – bizarre gifts idea

Sex joke mug bizarre gifts idea
Are you interested in extravagant and bizarre gifts? Shock your friend with a cup with a provocative phrase such as this “Oral makes my day. Anal makes my hole weak”. Do not give such a cup to a colleague, but it can become a cool and funny gift for a best friend! Drinking tea from cups with bizarre phrases is much more pleasant than from standard and boring cups. If you want to make an original gift, then such an unusual cup is just what the doctor ordered!

Digging Dog Garden Ornament – an idea of wacky gifts

Digging Dog Garden Ornament an idea of wacky gifts
A figure is a dog that is digging something in the garden is a quizzical thing. This is a great option for a wacky gift! This humorous puppy statue is fleshed out with a wagging tail, leaving the rest of our sculpture to your imagination. Your friends and relatives will definitely be surprised at such a funny gift! It is impossible to keep a smile out looking at this funny dog statue for the garden. It will be an excellent decoration of the yard. This is one of those things that you hardly buy yourself, but will like it as a wacky gift.

Large package of condoms – a humorous gift for girlfriend

Large package of condoms a humorous gift for girlfriend
More humor, courage, spontaneity and eroticism in gifts! According to statistics, girls do not mind getting something erotic. If you consider the classic set “Valentines card and candies” banal and like to present original gifts, we will help to make a choice! A set of condoms in a designer package will help to expand the “sexual horizons” and certainly will prove useful to both of you. Keep in mind that today there are new and cheerful packages for condoms, and condoms themselves can be of interesting “models”. So you can choose unusual and funny versions of these products to make a humorous gift for your girlfriend!

Printed Toilet Paper – dumb present idea

Printed Toilet Paper dumb present idea
Do not know what to give for Christmas or a birthday to a person who has everything and to whom you have already given a whole bunch of various gifts? Choose funny gifts! Dump presents are able to cheer up and bring joy much more than practical and serious. This is exactly what you need on the holiday! Choose such a gift as a printed toilet paper with an inscription or a picture that you like – such a gift will be remembered for a long time!

Ant farms – small weird gifts

Ant farms small weird gifts
Do you think it’s inappropriate to give pets? What about the smallest and most problem-free animals? Ant’s farm is a very exciting and interesting thing. The ant farm is an unusual analogy to an ordinary aquarium. In this case, this idea looks much more stylish, unique, and most importantly – futuristic and weird. Such an anthill will perfectly fit into any interior of the house. You certainly will surprise everyone around with such a thing!

Poo In Gift Box – shit gifts idea

Poo In Gift Box shit gifts idea
Are you going to the birthday of a colleague who you do not really like or to a friend who gave you for your birthday some garbage? Take revenge on him! Present such a weird gift as a poo in a festive box. We assure you, your friend’s reaction will be indescribable! If he has a sense of humor, he will appreciate it. After you enjoy the reaction, you can give another gift, in order not to offend your friend.

Moonlight Lamp – funny but useful gifts for her

Moonlight Lamp funny but useful gifts for her
Have you ever promised your girlfriend to get her a star or a moon from the sky? Make your words true! Such an unusual lamp in the form of the moon is very similar to the real moonlight. Such a funny, but useful gift will certainly please her and cheer her up.
Give funny and weird gifts on the occasion and without reason, and do not be afraid to seem ridiculous! Remember: making laughter is much more useful than bringing melancholy. Unusual gifts are a unique way to create joy around you. The more a person laughs, the longer he lives. Forcing people to smile, you not only cheer them up, but prolong their life!

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