What Is the Newest Apple Watch out Right Now [January 2020]

Posted by Arch on January 14, 2020
What Is the Newest Apple Watch out Right Now

Apple has been one of the most successful and innovative companies in the world, creating outstanding tech products, including excellent laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and even watches!

Released in April of 2016, the Apple watch was greeted with tremendous fanfare and expectations which were only partically met by the Apple Watch, which some considered a bit of a disappointment. Since that initial rollout, Apple has made huge improvements to the quality and features of the Apple Watch.

The latest Apple Watch is the Series 5. While the Series 5 isn’t as groundbreaking a release as the Series 4, there are improvements making the Series 5 even better than the already outstanding Series 4 Apple Watch.

Apple already had a solid base with its previous models, but the Series 4 took it to the next level and the Series 5 took it a step beyond the next level.

Besides the standard features which include waterproofing, GPS, and cellular capability the new release is even more improved.

The upgrades starting with the Series 4 include a bigger screen, a 64-bit processor, a louder speaker, and improved sensors.

The Apple Watch Series 5 Is a Health Monitoring Device

The Series 5 is extraordinary in that it monitors your heart rate, alerting you if something’s wrong. To do this, the Series 5 uses an ECG app that generates an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram.

If you have hearing issues or are just concerned about your hearing, you can set the watch to tap you if noise decibel levels get high enough that they could impact your hearing. In today’s noisy world, knowing what’s damaging your ears can be important. Also, you can monitor your menstrual cycles.

You can choose which health-related metrics you want to display such as your heart rate, breathing, and noise level and act accordingly if the Apple Watch detects something concerning. The Apple Watch Series 5 watches out for you. No pun intended.

While the healthcare features are extraordinary, read on and find out about all the exciting new features in Apple Watch Series 5.

What Is the Newest Apple Watch out Now

Apple Watch Series 5 Notable Features

Basic Specs

The Series 5  has a storage capacity of 32 gigabytes up from the 16 GB’s available on the Series 4.

The Series 4 uses a 64-bit, dual-core S4 processor which is twice faster than the one installed in the previous model, and the Series 5 now comes with the 64-bit dual-core S5 processor for more available horsepower.

It operates on watchOS 5, screen type is OLED, Bluetooth is 5.0. The digital crown now comes with haptic feedback which allows vibration.

The speaker on both the Series 4 and Series 5 is much louder than the previous version which is neat for calls. The battery life is the same, around 18 hours on both watches. ECG sensors enable heart testing and can contact emergency services in case off an emergency.

Apple Watch Out

Always On Display

The Series 5’s “always-on” display is an innovation that makes the Apple Watch more useful in the way that an analog watch would have been in 1900: When you look at the display it tells the time!

This was a weakness of previous versions in that the display would act more like a phone that needed to be woken up to view the display. With the Series 5, when you glance at your watch you can immediately tell what time it is.

The “always-on display” is both innovative and old school at the same time. When you glance at your watch you actually want to see what time it is and the Apple Watch Series 5 enables you to do that in situations where earlier versions would have been asleep such as when you’re not moving around.

Double the Storage Capacity

The Apple Watch Series 5 has a massive (especially for a watch) 32 GB’s of storage capacity, which is twice the storage capacity of the Series 4. It seems 16GB was probably already plenty of storage but Apple went for it anyway.

Built-in Compass

Whether you’re running, hiking, or traveling in an unfamiliar city, sometimes it’s good to be able to quickly get your bearings. While many of us rely on GPS for navigation these days, if you really want to understand where you are and where you are going, it’s important to know which direction North, South, East, and West are. For example, if you are out hiking and you got lost, it would be helpful to know that there’s a road to the North.

A compass can help you become less dependent on GPS for finding your way around your own city or a place you’re visiting.

The Series 5’s built-in compass enables you to do just that.


Right now What Is the Newest Apple Watch out

Titanium and Ceramic Material Options

You could get the Apple watch in aluminum, stainless steel, and for a little while, you can even get the case in 18K gold. It seems that Apple Watch users are a more practical bunch.

The new Series 5 includes titanium and ceramic as options for the case. It seems Apple may be offering titanium case for only a limited time so if this appeals to you then you may want to buy one of these sooner than later.

What Is the Newest Apple Watch out


The Series 4 and Series 5 Apple watches are waterproof up to 50 meters of depth. If you’re a swimmer, this watch is for you. You can swim in saltwater too, but remember to wash your watch later and remove traces of salt. Any deep diving or extreme water sport activity is not recommended because it can damage the watch. The Apple Watch isn’t really considered a SCUBA diving watch.

Showering is not recommended either because of the high water intensity. Water lock is a great integrated feature that blocks the touchscreen of the watch. It activates automatically when you start swimming.

Now What Is the Newest Apple Watch out

Cellular and Standard Models

Apple makes the Series 4 and 5 in two main variants – Standard and Cellular. The former is equipped with GPS and is a bit more affordable. The latter is slightly more expensive and also has the ability to make and receive calls. This adds to data usage costs too.

This means that you can use the Cellular version of the watch alone, without an iPhone attached to it. If you are an active runner, this may be a good investment, especially if you don’t like carrying your phone around.

Style and Functionality

The newest Apple watch series is a top-quality blend of stylistic and functionality features. They bring a lot of new, improved design elements compared to the older versions. You can use more apps because you have more storage space and a bigger screen to fit them. The new titanium and ceramic case material looks sharp.

The Series 5 is more of an incremental improvement over the Series 4 so if you’re looking to save a little money, you would do fine to go with the Series 4, though the Series 5 is a step up from the Series 4 as you read above.

The Apple Watch has come a long way since 2015 and is finally living up to all the hype back then Apple first rolled out the Apple Watch. Steve Jobs would have been proud of the new Apple Watch.

You can sometimes get better prices through Amazon for the Apple Watch Series 4 or the Apple Watch Series 5.

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Do you thnk the healthcare features on the Apple Series 5 are innovative? Do you think the Series 5 is a big improvement over the Series 4? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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