Where Did My Snapchat Heart Emoji Go?

Posted by Robert Hayes on July 30, 2019

Ever since Snapchat came out of the gate in 2011, it has been growing exponentially, adding millions of users – the last available statistics (February 2019) show that more than 200 million people use the app every day. Although the app’s growth has leveled off, Snapchat has always focused on adding new features and abilities to the app to attract new users. Some of these features have not panned out, such as the now-defunct SnapCash feature that aimed to replace Venmo or Apple Pay. Some features work well, but have just never caught fire with the user base, such as the location-sharing functionality of SnapMaps, still in place but ignored by much of the user base. And then there are features like the Best Friends list, which has produced almost as much excitement and drama as similar lists once generated for us all back in middle school.

Every time a user of Snapchat sends a chat message or shares a snap with a friend, Snapchat updates a database that analyzes that user’s interactions with all their friends on the app. As users send messages back and forth, a fairly sophisticated algorithm assesses all of the waxing and waning relative popularity of everyone on your friends list before creating a special collection of your ‘Best Friends’. You can have up to eight Best Friends at a time, although users who don’t use the app heavily may have fewer than eight. Your Best Friends will be those whom you engage most with, which includes how often you message them, how often they message you, and how much the two of you interact in group chats.

Part of the appeal of the Best Friends list for many users is that there aren’t just one kind of friend. In fact, there are seven different “friend conditions” that you can have with any particular Best Friend, and each of those friend conditions has – of course – it’s very own emoji that will appear next to your friend in the list. In this article, I will show you how to see your Best Friends list, and show you each of the possible emojis and what they mean.

Note that Snapchat is changing emojis constantly – and I mean constantly, as in I wouldn’t be surprised if they got rid of one of these emojis and replaced it with two different ones literally while I’m writing this article. So if you see a new emoji on your Best Friends list, be sure to check back here frequently to see if we’ve figured out what it means.

Where Can I Find My Best Friends List?

Your Best Friends list is easy to find; if you use Snapchat even occasionally you’ll see it all the time. That’s because it makes its appearance on the Send To page, where you pick the recipients of your snaps. From the home screen, tap on the Friends button (the text bubble at the lower left of the screen) and then tap on the Send To button (the text bubble at the upper right of the screen). Your complete list of friends will appear, with your Best Friends listed in their own special box at the very top of the list. You can also access your Best Friends list by taking a snap, then hitting the Send To button (the blue arrow on the lower right side of the screen), which brings up a differently-formatted, but equally functional, Send To page with your Best Friends list again at the top.

What Do the Heart Emojis Mean?

As I mentioned above, there are now seven different emojis that can appear in your Best Friends list. Snapchat used to have a three-emoji system of yellow hearts, red hearts, and the coveted pink hearts, but as anyone can see, no feeble three-heart system can convey the complexity and importance of your Best Friends list, so those old emojis are out like disco. (Actually the yellow and red hearts are still in the list, and still mean the same things they used to mean.) Here are the seven replacement emojis, and what each one means. Note that a particular Best Friend can have more than one emoji, as the emojis represent different conditions rather than exclusive levels like the old heart system.


Gone but not forgotten…RIP pink hearts…

Super BFF

The red double hearts (I guess pink isn’t manly enough to denote SUPER BFF status) indicates that this person is your #1 best friend, and that you are THEIR #1 best friend, and you have both maintained this status with one another for two months in a row.

Honestly, I don’t see how you could be any more super BFF than that.


The diet version of Super BFF, regular BFF status means you’ve been each other’s mutual #1 Best Friend but for only two weeks.


The old yellow heart appears again next to your #1 Best Friend – if you are also THEIR #1 Best Friend.


This is the basic Best Friend level. The person is one of your Best Friends, although you are not one of THEIR BFs.

Mutual Besties

A step up – your #1 Best Friend is the same person as their #1 Best Friend. The three of you should probably get together and hang out sometime.

Mutual BFs

This person is someone with whom you share a Best Friend.


The snapstreak flame indicates that the two of you have maintained a daily back-and-forth in every 24 hour period for as many days as the little number that also appears.

Why Did My Heart Emoji Change?

Nothing is more frustrating – you’ve finally got that coveted Super BFF status with your Snapchat soulmate, and suddenly your beautiful double red hearts disappear from your account! Have they been stolen? Was there a coup at Snapchat HQ? No, all that’s happened is that the relationship between you and your Super BFF stopped qualifying. One of you found a new BFF, in other words. All of the status icons can disappear (and reappear) as your friendship statuses change.

Can I Get the Heart Back?

The only way to restore a previously-displayed emoji is to recreate the original condition – make the person your Super BFF again, or your Mutual Bestie, or whatever status icon has disappeared. You can’t just ask Snapchat to restore it; they trust their algorithm and they follow its results. There is one exception – if you think a Snapchat Streak was wrongly terminated, you can visit the support page which dedicated to helping people find unfairly-lost Snapstreaks.

Can I Change These Emojis?

Actually, yes! Most people don’t know about this but you can customize all of these emojis and pick your own icons to display in your Snapchat app. (Your Best Friends will still see whatever emojis they have picked, or the defaults.) You can quickly navigate to an emoji picker and select what all of the emojis are for each of these statuses.

Start by opening your profile settings, scroll down to Features, and select “Customize Emojis”.

To change any emoji on the list, simply tap the entry, and select a new emoji from the full list.


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27 thoughts on “Where Did My Snapchat Heart Emoji Go?”

Maddy Else says:
the heart just randomly disappeared for no reason?we don’t text other people so please can i have it back
Lahari says:
I lost my pink heart with my bestfriend suddenly.please send it back..please
K says:
Lost mine too tonight! And we’d been snapchatting each other all day long. Glitch somewhere???
VivaVidder says:
Me and my bf have had super bff for almost 8 months, and somehow, one of his friends, that he doesn’t snap with at all, because his bff, for no reason. Has happened a few times. Yesterday, he did even chat with him, and they even lost their streak, and we spammed eachother, as is usually works, but not till now, at 12 in the morning, where we haven’t been super bff for 36 it finally worked, after MANY snaps, and we only became bff. Why tf does it even happen in the first place? This has to be a glitch, as we are BOTH confused and mad about this sh*t.
Ay says:
Dude he just wants you to feel better. Let him have friends ffs
Broken heart says:
I had that situation about month ago and two hearts emoji dissapeared after about 8 months, and the same day, when we saw this my bf started snapping me a lot. And I don’t remember, but I probably did the same thing. And after few hours or less it changed again for bf emoji (2 hearts). That day I still had him on #1 but he didnt had me even in friends. But somehow it restored. And today our bf emoji dissapeared again. Yesterday at about 11.30 pm we were snapping and texting and we had 2hearts. Probably at about less than one hour (about 0.20) it changed for standard friends emoji and he was still my #1 and this time I also was his #1. We started texting a lot and sending many snaps but nothing changed yet. I also have written message to snapchat and I am waiting for reply. I hope that someone will find anything usefull in this comment and that it will help somehow.
Emma Tombs says:
Mine did the same thing today
jt says:
did you get your heart back?
Nina says:
I seriously only replied to someones text and I lost the red heart me and my gf required literally 2 minutes ago. Wtf snapchat. When did snapping every day, all day, and texting eachother go above replying to someone else’s text once??
V says:
Same happened to me with my heart. There’s no way it could have vanished. I snap this person all day every day. Is there a glitch? Did you get a response or has the issue been solved for you? Did u get the heart back? Mine happened the same day as yours.
Denise says:
Did anyone ever get a response to this? Was it a glitch? It’s happened to me also and it’s a horrible feeling.
Kaylynnn says:
I just lost the yellow heart, contacted the support center, and am waiting a response. The other party and I were literally in the middle of talking when it just vanished.
Sam says:
My question is, I just lost mine this morning we nearly had 2 months! Could the red heart possibly come back the same day? BECAuse it was only a few hours gone??
Kay says:
Same thing just happened to me, had super bff for about 4 months then just gone
K says:
Please tell me this is a glitch! It’s left me heartbroken.
emmie21 says:
Same thing happened to me about a week ago and I’m devastated. It has not come back yet, but I’m honestly so confused because we snap each other every day almost all the time. I’m hoping he isn’t bffs with someone else.
K says:
Losing my hearts has been heartbreaking for me. Please tell me it’s a glitch and not in fact my BFF snapping someone else. Maybe Snap should get rid of this system all together until it’s fixed. There’s a lot of fighting amongst couple because of this.! HELP!!
Senne says:
I have lost my two pink hearts , it turned to yellow, I mean I only txt this person and no one else that much, I literally come online for him and the same from him. It hurted both of us we are on regular streak for almost near to 200 days. But we started it again my yellow heart turned red only yesterday and still two months for pink hearts.
Prasad Naik says:
Lost BFF emoji even after being #1 best friend. Fix this.
Rey rey says:
Lost my red heart to blushing face then after a couple of days it went back to yellow heart then after a couple of hours it went down to the smiley face. Wtf??
Aaliyah says:
I just broke up with my frkkin boyfriend because I thought he was cheating on me we had the double heart thing and now it’s gone
Sasha says:
My boyfriend and I had the super BFF heart then it disappear but now we both have each other listed as BFF but we don’t have the heart, the yellow heart is suppose to appear but it’s not appearing..y’all please help
Dayton says:
Did they ever answer you on this? The same thing happened to me and I’m pretty much single now cause i lost my shit.
Emily says:
This just happened to me today too. We snap each other multiple times every day, have an 85 day streak, and were about to reach the two month best friend mark, then it turned from ❤️ to ☺️.
Sarah says:
My boyfriend and I have had the double hearts, then we lost it. Then, we had to start over and now we just lost it again! We snapchat each other all day everyday and rarely snapchat anyone else and we still don’t have the hearts back next to our names! WTH!!
Sammy says:
Guys same thing with me it’s almost two weeks and we haven’t got back the heart
J says:
We both had the two pink hearts and then they suddenly disappeared and turned into the shy smiley face however we are both still each other’s number one best friend! This happened on the 19th of May 2018 and they haven’t returned since ! It’s so frustrating and I don’t understand why
lol2 says:
I dont know about you guys but i emailed the support and they fixed it later on during the day, so my gf and i have our 2 hearts back, it was yellow earlier but i checked it again just now and it was fixed so apperantly it was a bug
Angela says:
Where did you find the email for support? I’ve looked everywhere and get find it. I lost my today too
Chrissy says:
My super BFF went to a smilie face again this is the 3rd time this month that’s happened. Then it goes back anyone else having this issue
Jordan says:
My boyfriend and I have had the emoji for quite a while now, meaning I’m his number one best friend and he’s mine. We had them last night, and I get on to Snapchat him this morning and it’s back to the yellow heart. I don’t understand why it did this.
Geraldine says:
This happened with my BF today 5/25. I’m glad I found this since I starting to get suspicious lololol
heather says:
mine did it this morning. we had the double heart (and have for a year) then it went to gold heart 🙁 then about an hour or so later it switched back to double pink heart. no clue what happened, just glad to have it back
Lol2 says:
I got it back now but its yellow, so start from scratch. I emailed them though.. i think they swapped posistions of my bestfriend list to give it back to us
Michael says:
Where you able to get the 2 hearts back? and how did you do It if you did?
lol2 says:
I emailed snap support and yes we got the 2 hearts back earlier today i noticed.
around 10 am CET it was a yellow heart, but now i checked again around 6pm CET and they fixed it, so we have our 2 hearts now
lol says:
This happened to me aswell today may 24-25, and we snap eachother everyday. Got replaced with someone i snap once per day to maintain streak? doesnt make sense
Heather says:
I lost my two hearts, and some one I only snap once a day for streaks is now in my number 1 spot. I know my bff has always been my bff, and I snap him the most. How does that happen?
Lily says:
The same thing happened to me and my other friends today
Ooo says:
Same wth
Jo says:
THE SAME HAPPENED TO ME. My boyfriend and I have had the pink hearts for almost a YEAR NOW. And, all the sudden it just disappeared after this latest update. We both talk to eachother nonstop and have zero clue how this happened. We are crushed to say the least lmao.
Angelique says:
The weirdest part is that happened to me today exactly what you’re talking about and I’m so confused
Paola says:
This happened to me today too 05/24.
Gia says:
This happened to me yesterday as well 5/24. Something weird going on there…
Eric says:
Me and my girlfriend lost out snap streak of 123 days even tho we snap every day wtf!
T says:
My 2 pink hearts have gone after 5 months of having them but we both have each other on top of their best friends list
Amber says:
This just happened to me too :((
Sarah says:
I just lost two month heart and had for three months. How can we get this back. We snapchat everyday
Hannah says:
This happened to me too!!
Anon says:
So it was just a smiley face ( best friends ) and we haven’t said anything for a few days but it has gone to a yellow heart. Why is that ? And is it possible to go up specially when we don’t speak. Or is that something done manually or would it have something to do with them deleting conversations etc ? I would like to understand as I smell something fishy lol
Blank says:
My boyfriend and I have had the pink hearts for 2 months and it just disappeared suddenly. I’m sad and I want it back without having to wait another 2 months
K says:
Marte says:
Same here!! I emailed snapchat, but I don’t know if they’ll do anything about it
uknowho8765 says:
I lost my pink hearts… me and this girl are in a relationship and we started out by building up the heart train but when we got the the pink hearts it just all of a sudden disappeared after 2 weeks of having it….we sent a bunch of snaps…how do I get my hearts back without changing the meaning of them
K says:
Sammy says:
Same thing with me need help
Claudia Lyman says:
I lost the red heart you’re about each other’s best friends still and I do care what the hearts mean and I already know when we get to pink hearts so how can I get the red heart back without changing the emoji’s ????? Please help
anon anon says:
yeah the same happened to me, i lost the red heart however me and my friend are still each others best friends? we only send snaps to each other.
Connor says:
The same happened to me but my friend still has the BBF emoji for me but I don’t

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