Which Are the Most Attractive MacBook Air Deals to Explore in January 2019?

Posted by TekRevue Contributor on January 16, 2019
macbook air deals

The brand-new MacBook Air has finally come and there’s its proper upgrade available now. Of course, there’s a huge buzz about this gadget but all the stores aren’t the right places to purchase it. There are some exclusive places to make the purchase. Moreover, while the stock lasts, the older MacBook models get available at a discounted price. In this piece of writing, there’s a comprehensive depiction of all the lucrative MacBook Air models.

We’ve got an enticing list of all the best MacBook Air deals for you. Coming to the new MacBook Air model, it has some awesome qualities which comprise of slightly wedged shape, super lightweight body and 13in display. Also, there’s a very essential makeover on the inside and out.

The latest update which is available now represents a new design which was launched back in 2008. Moreover, surprisingly, there are various MacBook Air deals also available. The premium stores like currys.co.uk are launching a thrilling discount every other day.

Which are the best Mac Book Air deals?

The are many MacBook Air Deals which are really worth opting for. All that you need to do is explore the enticing coupon sites like dealslands.co.uk. Some of the best MacBook Air deals will be displayed in front of you.

What’s the actual cost of the new Mac Book Air?

The cost of MacBook Air is pretty high than the previous one which starts from £ 1,199/ $ 1,199. Well, that’s the price for the base model which comes with a 1.6 Hz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB memory, 128 GB SSD storage and Intel UHD Graphics 617.

If you want to extend the storage up to 256 GB then the price will be around £ 1,399/ $ 1,399. The built-to-order options which are available now in terms of the more expensive models are:

  • 16 GB memory – £180/ $180
  • 515 GB SSD storage – + £200/ $200.
  • 1.5 TB SSD storage – + £1,000/ $1,000.
  • The top spec model- £2, 579/ $2,579

Which are the best places to buy new MacBook Air 2018?

There are various big names where you can buy a MacBook Air. Apple, Best Buy, Currys PC World, John Lewis, Laptops Direct, Walmart, Best Buy, and Jet are the main ones.

Check out the best MacBook Air Deals

  1. Apple 15in MacBook Pro, Touch Bar, 2.2GHz, 256GB, Space Grey (2018) [John Lewis]

If you are looking for purchasing the 15 in MacBook Pro then you can expect to save a significant amount. When it comes to the Space Grey Version of the 256 GB model which is available at John Lewis, you can definitely save significantly on the gadget.

  1. Apple 13in MacBook Pro, 2.3 GHz quad-core, 256 GB Touch Bar (2018)

This is known as the 2018 Touch Bar version of the 13in MacBook Pro which boasts four chores making it one of the best and faster options than the previous 13in versions. This version is currently available for £ 1,749 at Apple.

  1. Apple 13in MacBook Pro, 2.3 GHz dual-core, 128GB (2017)

This is definitely an entry-level 13in MacBook Pro which comes without Touch Bar. You can buy this one from Apple for just £ 1,249. Currys has cut the price. This one is a Space Grey Unit but at Currys, you will also get the silver version of the same for the same price.

  1. Apple 13in MacBook Pro, 2.3 GHz dual-core, 128 GB (2017) (John Lewis)

The MacBook Pro which normally costs £ 1,499, you can get that for £ 150 only. It’s definitely not the Touch Bar model. So, it hasn’t been updated by Apple since 2017. Still, this is one of the best and great laptops. Moreover, you can relish and extra £ 50 off if you go for the Buy Now Pay Later option. All that you need to do is just use the code NKMKE at the checkout stage.

  1. Apple 13in MacBook Pro, 2.3 GHz dual-core, 128 GB (2017) [KRCS]

This is the base model of MacBook Pro. It will certainly not come with a Touch Bar but it is still a great laptop choice. Currently, there’s a great Amazon deal available (which is mentioned above) but this is a great alternative off course.

Summing Up

Aren’t these five stupendous MacBook Air deals really striking? Make the best use of them and it will certainly help you fitting this extremely pricey latest and extraordinary gadget within your budget. What are you waiting for? Get the best MacBook Air deal now and save your pocket like never before!

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