Will Netflix Ever Have Game of Thrones?

Oh Game of Thrones, how we have loved you. The fight scenes, the infighting, the fantastical settings, the characters, the nakedness and of course, the dragons. You may be at an end but that doesn’t mean we won’t want to watch you over and over. With the live broadcasts all done with, will Netflix ever have Game of Thrones?

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It is very unlikely that Netflix will ever be able to show Game of Thrones.

The series is owned by HBO which operates its own streaming service here in the US and has arrangements with other streaming services across the world. Netflix is not one of those services.

No Game of Thrones for Netflix

HBO Now and HBO Go, where available, show all Game of Thrones not currently being live broadcast. HBO and Netflix are rivals in the same market and HBO are not going to share their biggest selling cash cow with a rival. Even though HBO Now and Go are not available outside the US, the company still isn’t going to share their money spinner with their competitor.

With Warner planning their own streaming service to compete with Netflix, there is even less chance of Warner’s brand HBO sharing the Game of Thrones goodness.

Competition is tough for streaming services. Even though Netflix seems to rule right now, there is only so much innovation you can do with a service like this. The only real differentiator you can use is the programming you feature or features like DVR for Live TV. Otherwise, it is that content that will gain subscribers.

There is no way HBO would risk losing subscribers from its own service or where it bolts on to other services to Netflix.

Where to stream Game of Thrones legally?

If you live outside the US or don’t want an HBO Now subscription, where can you watch Game of Thrones legally? Most of us know plenty of places to watch it illegally but it’s always best to support the services we like. So what are our options?

There are a couple of places you can stream the series depending on where you live.


If you’re in a region with Hulu, you can watch seasons 1-8 of Game of Thrones there. Either use your free trial or your existing subscription depending on your needs. Hulu is an excellent streaming service whether you use Live TV or not as long as you can get it in your region.

Subscriptions start from $5.99 with some ads to $11.99 with no ads or $44.99 with Live TV. For that you get access to all Hulu library content, the ability to stream and watch on multiple devices and limited or no commercials. Go for Live TV and you get over 60 channels, cloud DVR and limited ads.


If you live in a region with NowTV, you can watch Game of Thrones using that service. I know NowTV is available in the UK and some European countries but I don’t know about other regions. Either way, the service is similar to Hulu in that it offers a bunch of library content including some leading shows and some movies too.

Subscriptions depend on the currency you’re using but equate to around $10 a month. For that you gain access to a ton of content and some movies. I have never tried NowTV but reviews seem positive.

Amazon Prime Video with HBO

If you’re an Amazon Prime Video customer you can add the HBO channel to your subscription to access Game of Thrones. Amazon Prime Video costs from $8.99 a month or you can pay annually. You can add HBO as an extra for a total of $14.99 a month. Amazon Prime Video should need no introduction. It’s a huge service that Amazon is investing massively in to compete with Hulu and Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video is probably the main way those outside of the US can access Game of Thrones. It is available in most regions, pretty much anywhere that the store has a presence.

Those are the only legal sources of Game of Thrones that I know of right now. There may be others in the future once the fuss dies down and those spinoff series are being broadcast, but these three are it for most of us.

Do you know where else you can see Game of Thrones legally? Other streaming services across the world that has HBO? Tell us about them below if you do!

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