Windows 1.0 Comes Alive Again Inside Your Browser

Posted by Jim Tanous on October 28, 2013
Windows 1.01 Emulation in the Browser

This is quickly turning into “Nostalgia Week.” Days after the Internet Archive launched the Historical Software Collection, Australian developer James Friend has unleashed an in-browser Windows 1.01 demo, complete with realistic loading times, system beeps, and disk management requirements.

Windows 1.01 Emulation in the Browser

A number of classic applications are included, such as Paint, Reversi, and VisiCalc and users are required to swap virtual disks and manage system memory in order to get the most out of the antiquated operating system.

Windows 1.0 was Microsoft’s first multi-tasking graphical interface for the PC. It launched November 20, 1985, and was replaced by Windows 2.0 in December 1987.

For even more old-school fun, check out Friend’s other projects: a Mac System 7 demo and a Windows 3.0 demo.

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