Windows 10 Home Vs Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10, like other platforms, has a few alternative editions. Windows 10 Home and Professional are two of the editions that you can upgrade to. The Pro edition is a business version, and has some extra options you won’t find in the Home edition. These are some of the things included in Windows 10 Pro.

First, it’s worth noting that Windows 10 Home has most of the essential things included in Windows 10 Pro. Cortana, the built-in apps, Task View, revamped Start menu, Snap Assistant and Continuum are all incorporated into both editions. However, Pro also comes with a few extra cherries on top of the cake.

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Windows 10 Pro has BitLocker, which is extra encryption software not included with the Home edition. This software enables users to encrypt their hard disks. In addition, you can also encrypt external USB drives with BitLocker To Go.

Group Policy Management is another handy addition to Windows 10 Pro. The Group Policy Editor console can be considered an alternative to the Registry Editor. So with this you can fine tune some aspects of Windows 10 with the GPE console instead of Registry Editor. However, note that you can still add this to the Home edition with a third-party patch.

Windows 10 Pro has a Remote Desktop option that enables you to connect with another desktop and set your system up as a host. So with this Pro users can access a desktop on another PC based on a client/server model. With that you can access files, software and other resources on another laptop/desktop, which can come in handy.

Windows 10 Pro’s Client Hyper-V virtualization tool is not included in the Home edition. This enables you to partition off some of your hard disk as a virtual PC with alternative OS. So with Client Hyper-V you can run other operating systems in Windows 10 such as Linux or earlier Windows platforms. However, this option only works on 64-bit systems with Second Level Address Translation.

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Those are four of the more notable extra things included in Windows 10 Pro. Plus it also has Domain Join, Assigned Access 8.1 and Enterprise Mode IE. With those extra options, the Pro edition is retailing at $199 compared with the $119 Home version.

So if you really need some of the extra features included in Windows 10 Pro, that’s probably the best edition to go for. However, if they don’t sound especially essential, then the Home edition should be fine. Check out this page for some further Windows 10 Pro details.  

Posted by Matthew on August 17, 2016

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