Ten New Windows 10 Hotkeys


Microsoft has added virtual desktops, otherwise Task View, Cortana and other new things to Windows 10. So that means Windows 10 has some new hotkeys that give you handy shortcuts. These are some of the more notable new keyboard shortcuts in Win 10.

The Virtual Desktop Hotkeys

Task View is a great new addition to Windows 10 that gives you multiple desktops. Instead of opening a multitude of software windows on one desktop, you can instead open some of the programs on additional virtual desktops. So with those you can save taskbar space.

There are a few hotkeys you can press to use the virtual desktops. First, press the Windows key + Ctrl + D to add a new virtual desktop. That will add and switch to your new virtual desktop.

Pressing the Task View button on the taskbar opens the list of virtual desktops in the snapshot below. The keyboard shortcut for that button is Win + Tab.


You can also close virtual desktops with a hotkey. Press Ctrl + Win + F4 to close the virtual desktop you’re currently in.

Windows 10 Snap Hotkeys

Microsoft added Snap to Windows so that you can quickly reposition active windows on the desktop. Windows 10 has a few keyboard shortcuts for snapping windows. Press the Win key + left arrow to snap the window to the left as shown below. Then you can open two windows side-by-side by selecting one of the thumbnails on the right.


Pressing Win + right key snaps the window to the right of the desktop. Alternatively, press Win + down key to snap a maximized window down; and if you press that hotkey twice it minimizes the window to taskbar. Press Win + up key to snap up, or maximize, a window.

Cortana and Game Bar Hotkeys

Cortana is the virtual assistant in Windows 10 that you can open from the taskbar. There is a new keyboard shortcut you can press to open Cortana. Press Win + S to open Cortana and its search box.

Windows 10 also has a new Game Bar with which you can capture game screenshots and record clips with. To open this new game bar, press Win + G when you’ve got a game up and running. That will open the Game Bar in the shot below.


You can capture a game snapshot by pressing Win + Alt + PrtSc. Then a notification will tell you that the screenshot has been saved. Click that notification to open the Xbox app and see the image you’ve captured. Alternatively, open the Videos and Captures subfolders in your user folder to open the game screenshot if you’re not signed in to the Xbox app. 

So those are a few of the new hotkeys you can press in Windows 10. Those are handy keys for the virtual desktops, snapping windows, Cortana and Game Bar. You can find many more keyboard shortcuts at this site

Posted by Matthew on March 4, 2016

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