The Best Witty Instagram or About.Me Bios [December 2019]

Witty Instagram or About me Bios

Instagram has over a billion monthly active users. That’s too many people, and it is hard to stand out in such a crowd. You can use Instagram for fun, but many people are using it to make a living. Influencers, bloggers, models, and others make big profits thanks to Instagram.

If you want to be successful, or want to appear sharp and witty on Instagram, you need to have a catchy bio, or about me page. Being funny on Instagram is not difficult, but you do have to be creative and unique.

Read on for tips and some witty Instagram bio inspiration.

Understanding Instagram

Instagram is a very modern and young social media platform. It is continuously growing and evolving, alongside its user base. Here are some facts about Instagram that will help you understand it better.

If your goal is to make a witty bio, grow the list of your followers, and stand out in the crowd, you’ve got to do a little thinking. Most Instagram users are teens and young adults, people aged 16 to 30. So, that is your audience, most likely.

Nearly all Instagram accounts follow businesses, which you can also use and get some sponsorship deals if you create a name for yourself. That is a story for another time, so let’s focus on the witty IG bios.

Witty Instagram or About me Bios the rock

Instagram Bio Tips

Most people use washed-up quotes or copy-paste cringe jokes and puns for their bios. You can do much better than that. Try to make a bio that sounds more natural, perhaps use something personal and tell people something about yourself.

Of course, you can incorporate a joke or a pun in your bio if you feel like it. If you want to use Instagram as an advertisement space, you can also post a link in your bio. Most successful actors, models, musicians, and influencers use their bios for self-promotion, so if you have something exciting going on, feel free to add a link for people to see.

Besides revealing some personal stuff about yourself, it is essential to keep your bio simple and easy to read. You shouldn’t write an essay. Nobody likes reading walls of text online. Try to be natural and write your bio in your natural style, without glorifying yourself too much. Nobody likes pretentious people, and there is a difference between being witty and being a narcissist.

Witty Instagram or About me Bios msjennafischer

How to Write a Witty Bio on Instagram

Funny bios are usually well-received, but they are quite tricky to pull off. You can show off a little bit, but best show off your humorous side. If you are going to use jokes and humor, try not to be offensive to anyone.

Stay original and best write something yourself, without copying tired quotes or jokes word for word. You can make up puns, wordplays, even make a joke at your own expense. Humorous and funny people also know how to take a jab at their expense without hard feelings.

On the other side, you can also make a serious, witty Instagram about me or bio. That’s perhaps more difficult, but it depends. You can find some inspiring, smart quotes online. Quotes by famous people, as well as quotes from your favorite book, song, or movie, are all fair game.

However, be aware of the washed-up quotes that are overused on Instagram and other social media. I, for instance, can’t take another Bukowski quote seriously since most girls think it’s so cool to quote him online. That’s just an example of washed-up quotes, and I have nothing against Bukowski or people who love his quotes. I don’t want to look at them anymore, that’s all.

Witty Instagram Bio Formula

Instead of giving you recycled IG bios you can copy and paste to your profile, let’s teach you how to make a personalized, witty bio on your own. Follow the steps:

  1. Describe yourself briefly. Who you are, what is your job, what are your skills, etc. Keep it as short as possible. You can also list your interests, hobbies, and what makes you happy.
    E.g., Donald Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino, Rapper, actor, singer, comedian
  2. After the introduction, you can add your contact information and plug your other social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), email address, etc.
  3. If you’re an influencer or use Instagram for business, you can also add a call to action to promote your latest product, clip, gig, or anything else.
  4. Finally, add a witty twist to your bio. You can add quotes by your favorite celebrities, writers, musicians. Inspirational quotes are not bad either, but try to spice them up with some humor or puns. You can blow things out of proportion and be overly dramatic for some kicks and giggles.

Here’s an example of a witty quote from a Childish Gambino song that fits an IG bio perfectly “Don’t be mad cause I’m doing me better than you’re doing you.”

Witty Instagram or About me Bios elliekemper

Be Different

The key to having a witty bio on Instagram is staying unique and true to yourself. Instead of writing some fake or recycled things, be original and funny. There’s no need to overhype yourself, but little bragging never hurt anyone.

If you own a business IG account, you should promote yourself and your product, use calls to action, and give your contact info. You can embed links into your bio, too if you have something going on.

If you’d like to add something to the discussion, use the comments section below.

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