The 5 Best WordPress Testimonials Plugins

Posted by Jamie on August 7, 2017

Social proof has become so powerful that the majority of us always check reviews and testimonials before buying from a new supplier or trying a new product. If you run a website using WordPress you can use a plugin to add this feature to your own site. Here are five of the best WordPress testimonials plugins around right now.

In theory, seeing what others have to say about a product or service is a great idea. That is if you take human nature out of the equation. We have all seen pointless or negative reviews that have no bearing on the product. We have all seen the obviously paid-for positive reviews that try to convince us to buy.

Despite that, reviews and testimonials are still very powerful inducements to buy. If you run a business, featuring testimonials on your website is a good way of increasing trust, which can lead to more customers. Here are five of the best WordPress testimonials plugins you can use right now to help with that.

WordPress testimonials plugins

Most of these WordPress testimonials plugins are free or have free versions. Some offer premium versions of the same plugin which add features.

WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews is a solid plugin that is very well reviewed. With over 50k installs and a very positive rating, it is definitely one to try. The free version allows you to choose which feedback to feature and where to put it on your site. There is also a spam bot function to prevent spammers from ruining your day.

WP Customer Reviews allows you to place testimonials anywhere, even in your posts and has a section where you can add a response. That last is a great feature for outreach as it shows you take feedback seriously. There are also styling options and lots of customizations you can make to theme it into your site.

Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials is another WordPress testimonials plugin that has a free and a premium version for extra features. With over 40k installs, it is quite popular with users too. It works in much the same way as WP Customer Reviews. It allows you to place feedback in posts, on pages or within widgets using a shortcode.

Easy Testimonials allows you to add images, links, feedback and perform lots of customizations. The premium version allows you to collect testimonials with the plugin too which is a neat trick. Theming is pretty good too with built in styles and CSS support so you can integrate it seamlessly into your design.

Testimonials Widget

Testimonials Widget is another popular WordPress testimonials plugin with over 50k installations and very positive feedback. As well as feedback, this plugin enables you to showcase projects, use images and video and allows you to place them anywhere on your site.

The free version has simple styling which can be enhanced with a little CSS, shortcode support and sliders. The CSS option means that with even a little learning, you can integrate the plugin into your site. The premium version enables you to collect testimonials, use RSS feeds and other useful features.

Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials has over 20k installs and a five star feedback rating. Designed for smaller businesses wanting to make the most of social proof, the plugin has been designed to be simple to use while also having some advanced features should you need them.

The free version is fully featured, offering a simple dashboard to create testimonials and a form to collect them. There is also a Captcha feature, notification emails, multiple display options and lots of styling options to it can sit comfortably in your existing design. The developer is very responsive too.

Testimonial Basics

Testimonial Basics is another beginner-oriented plugin that does the job well. With over 10k installs and very positive feedback, this is a great plugin to try. Despite being called basic, this WordPress testimonials plugin seems anything but. It is packed with features but all are well explained and easy to use.

The plugin supports Gravatars so you don’t need to import images, has a star rating system, multiple language support, lots of styling options and supports CSS styling if you want to take it further or integrate it into your existing website design.

Each of these five WordPress testimonials plugins gets the job done. Each does much the same thing in a slightly different way but each is easy to learn and to work with. The free versions of each will be enough for smaller businesses but those with premium versions offer quite a few features if you need them.

Got any WordPress testimonials plugins to suggest? Add them below if you do!

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