Xbox One Won’t Support External Hard Drives at Launch

Posted by Jim Tanous on September 3, 2013
Xbox One No External Hard Drive Support at Launch

External storage expansion for the Xbox One, a promised feature of the console, won’t be ready by the time the system launches in November, according to Xbox Community Manager Larry Hryb (a.k.a. “Major Nelson”). The revelation came during a podcast recorded by Mr. Hryb for the PAX Prime Expo. While confirming that the feature is still being worked on, Mr. Hyrb clarified:

My understanding is that [external storage] will not be there at launch because the team’s working on other things. It’s definitely on the list; I don’t know when it will come in, though.

The first generation of Xbox One consoles will include 500 GB internal hard drives, allowing users to install games from disc for faster loading (in the same fashion as the current Xbox 360), as well as store digital purchases such as arcade games, music, and video. The now delayed feature would have allowed gamers to attach external hard drives via USB to expand the console’s total storage capacity.

Aside from Mr. Hryb’s comments during the podcast, there has been no official statement from Microsoft regarding the external storage feature. It is therefore still unknown how and when the feature will be activated for customers who will purchase the console at launch.

As a comparison, Microsoft’s primary competitor, Sony, will not allow external storage drives for the PlayStation 4. However, PS4 owners will be able to replace the console’s internal drive, also 500 GB by default, with a larger one. The Xbox One’s internal drive will not be accessible to customers for service or replacement.

The PS4 will launch in North America on Friday, November 15, and in Europe on November 29. Microsoft has yet to name a specific date for the launch of the Xbox One.

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