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The Five Best YouTube Alternatives [September 2020]

With more than 1.3 billion users, YouTube isn’t just the king of online video—it’s the second-most popular website online today, only trailing behind Google’s own homepage. The site hosts more than 5 billion videos every day, with users uploading more than 300 hours of video every minute. The variety in videos you can find on YouTube is truly astonishing, offering users a little something no matter what they’re interested in. After all, you don’t gain billions of monthly active users by catering to a niche audience.

Of course, no site is flawless, and YouTube isn’t without its fair share of problems. From advertisers routinely pulling their support from creators to some YouTubers landing themselves in trouble over their behavior, there’s plenty to not like about the site. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a viewer or a creator; diversifying where and how you watch or upload videos online is an important step to stopping YouTube from becoming an unstoppable monopoly.

Thankfully, we’ve seen a number of YouTube alternatives pop-up over the last several years, from creator-run video hosting sites to mobile-friendly apps for scrolling on the go. These are the five best YouTube alternatives you can find in 2020.