How to Embed a YouTube Video in a Google Slide

Google Slides is an excellent alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. It can do almost as many things in much the same way but is available free and through your browser. As good as Microsoft Office is, it costs a lot of money and if you don’t need a dedicated office suite, is a significant investment for little return. That’s where Google Docs and Google Slides comes in.

Google owns both Slides and YouTube, so using the two together is pretty seamless. You can also embed your own videos into Google Slides too which I will also cover. Some people don’t want their videos on YouTube and that’s fine so we should also know how to deal with those kinds of requests.


Embed YouTube videos into Google Slides

There is no doubt that using rich media in presentations helps with audience engagement. With the best will in the world, it is difficult to concentrate on a static presentation even if the subject itself is interesting. That’s where rich media comes in. It can uplift any presentation, increase audience engagement and add to the professional impression of any presentation.

So here is how to embed YouTube videos into Google Slides.

  1. Log into Google Docs.
  2. Click the blue New button on the left and select Google Slides.
  3. Select a theme on the right, import your own or make one as you see fit.
  4. Highlight where in the Slide you want to insert the YouTube video.
  5. Click Insert in the Slide menu, then Video. You should now see a new window with two options, Video search or URL.
  6. Enter the search term to find the YouTube video you want to feature.
  7. Highlight the video in the results and click Select at the bottom of the window.
  8. The video should now appear in your slide.

You will see the video surrounded by a blue border. You can drag, drop, resize and place this border so the video fits nicely into your Slide. Maneuver it as you need to and Slides will automatically save it.


Embed a local or non-YouTube video into Google Slides

Some organizations don’t allow web access to YouTube so using either a local copy, a video downloaded from elsewhere or a self-produced video will work best. Also if you don’t know whether you will have YouTube access in the place you will be presenting you need to plan for that. As long as you can access and stream from Google Drive, this will work.

Plus, YouTube has millions of videos to choose from but there are other options available. There are other video hosting sites or you may wish to embed your own video into the presentation. You can do that too. Here’s how.

  1. Upload your video onto Google Drive and get a shareable link for it.
  2. Take a screenshot of the first frame of the video to act as placeholder.
  3. Open your Slide and click the mouse where you want the video to appear.
  4. Click Insert in the Slide menu then Image and place the screenshot into the Slide.
  5. Maneuver the screenshot until it fits into the Slide.
  6. With the screenshot still highlighted, select Insert and then Link.
  7. Add the shareable link you got in step 2 and click Apply.

The screenshot will remain as the placeholder and the video will play once you click that image. It will stream directly from Google Drive to the Google Slide.

To create a screenshot, play the video full screen on your computer and hit pause at the first frame. Press Ctrl + PrtScn (Windows computers) to take a snapshot. This will be saved in your default download location or Pictures folder depending on your set up. Open it in your image editor of choice and resize it to meet your needs. Save it and then upload it to the same place in Google Drive. That’s it!

Posted by Jamie on November 18, 2016

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