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Customize Your Android Boot Animation

One of the main selling points of Android over iOS is the level of customization it offers to users. You can do things like install custom lock screens and custom launchers which is just scratching the surface. Well guess what, you can even install a custom boot animation.

I know that this is an area of customization which you may not have considered before but it is possible and in this article we will be exploring two methods for installing a custom boot animation on your android device.

Basically with the first method you do everything manually while with the second method you simply use an app which will do everything automatically for you. Please note that either method requires that your device has root access. It’s also recommended that you carry out a Nandroid backup before carrying out this process just in case anything goes wrong. It’s a relatively safe process but you just never know. It’s also recommended that this is done with an AOSP based rom.

1. Manual Method

Ok, first you will need to find boot animations that fit your tastes. There are various places that you can explore across the web to find these but here [1] is a good start.

Now you will need to transfer the file of your choice to your device. You will then need to install a file explorer which allows root access to your device’s file system. I used Root Browser [2] but there are others out there [3] that you can make use of as well.

You should now browse to /System/Media and make a backup of your current boot animation file. It will be called bootanimation.zip. Don’t delete the file however. Even though you do need to make way for your new boot animation file, simply rename the current one by giving it a name such as bootanimation.zip1 as seen in the screenshot below so that it will be there if you ever want to switch back.

files_edited [4]

All that would be required would be for you to delete the replacement animation and revert the name of the original file to bootanimation.zip.

After you have renamed your original boot animation file, transfer over the animation that you want to change to and give that the name bootanimation.zip.

new_animation [5]

You will now need to set your permissions as illustrated in the below screenshot.

set_permissions [6]

Now reboot your device and your new boot animation should be visible.

2. App Method

Custom boot animations can also be installed with the app Boot Animations [7]. First make a backup of your current boot animations. The option to do this can be accessed from within the app’s menu.

app_backup [8]

After you have made your backup, you have two options for installing custom boot animations. Firstly you have the choice of installing animations which are available from directly within the app.

app_choose [9]

You also have the choice to install an animation that you transferred to your device. Additionally you can covert a GIF to a boot animation. If need be you can even edit the settings of your current boot animation.

app_own [10]

Please note that you can also reboot your device from directly within the app which is convenient for testing to see if your boot animation is actually working.

app_reboot [11]


So there you have it guys. Two effective methods for installing custom boot animations on your android device. Honestly using the app is easier and you are less likely to run into hiccups using that method.

If you have any questions be sure to let us know in the comments below and thanks a bunch for reading.