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How to Install a New Motherboard How to Install a New Motherboard How to Install a New Motherboard

How to Install a New Motherboard

If it wasn’t for the motherboard, there’d be no computer as nothing else would work. The motherboard is the “mother” of all its components. It is the computer’s backbone and essentially the


Is the Extended Warranty on a TV Worth It

Is the Extended Warranty on a TV Worth It?

Most people will tell you to avoid buying an extended warranty because it will rarely offer additional benefits. But this wouldn’t be accurate advice because not all warranty policies are misleading or outright scams.


The Best Chromebook for Kids

With all the gadgets available in the market today, there's no denying that technology is part of most, if not all, people's lives today. People of all ages get to benefit from technological

How Routers Are Hacked

How Routers Are Hacked?

Internet security is one of the most pressing matters in an age driven by connectivity and remote access. With so much focus on protecting PCs and mobile devices from outsider attacks, routers are often forgotten.


How to Make an Apartment a Smart Home

Turning an apartment into a smart home presents a few challenges. The biggest is that you’re likely renting the apartment from somebody else. Your options for smartening the space up are limited because you

How to Make an Apartment a Smart Home
Best Security Camera Without Subscription

The Best Security Camera Without Subscription

A security camera is a must-have if you want to keep an eye on...


The Best MMO Mouse

Playing an MMO is easy as long as you have the right setup. Keep in...


Best Laptops for Photo Editing

There was a time wherein people who edit photos professionally could only get the job...


How to Decide on the Best TV for Your Bedroom

When buying a new TV for the living room, people generally opt for large 55-...

Cut the Cord

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The Best 65-Inch TVs

Technology seems to have a never-ending quest to make things small, which generally tends to be a good thing. As components in all of our devices get smaller, it makes it easier to create...

Smart Home

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The Best Tablet for Games

Tablets combine the best features of mobile phones and laptops. They're incredibly portable and can help you with a wide range of tasks you do daily. People can use such devices for browsing the...

Social Media

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How to Stay Anonymous Online

How to Stay Anonymous Online

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, it seems like online privacy is nearly impossible to achieve. Every action we take on the internet is tracked one way or another. Have you ever noticed that...


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