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Gmail on Laptop Gmail on Laptop Gmail on Laptop

How to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Mails

Have you ever received a call or a text from your boss asking why you're not responding to his emails? He insists he sent you a message, but your inbox remains empty. This has


Google Sheets Lock Cells

How to Lock Cell in Google Sheets

Can you imagine spending hours trying to organize a Google Sheet by date, only to have another user accidentally make changes to one of the cells? That could set you back hours worth of work.


How to Set Print Area in Google Sheets

Once you have added page numbers to a Google Sheets document, you might want to take a printout for official work. Printing spreadsheets is different from printing a doc file. In documents, pages are printed

Google Sheets Open on Laptop

How to Delete a Netflix Profile

It is pretty common for friends and family members to share a single Netflix account. To make this easier, the streaming service lets you create separate profiles for all the members using the same account.


How to Log Out of Amazon Prime Video on TV

Watching movies and shows on your TV using the Amazon Prime Video app is the best way to make the most of your subscription. You get an immersive viewing experience on the bigger screen, and

How to Recover a Deleted Draft in Gmail

How to Insert a Table in Gmail

Do you often use tables in spreadsheets at work? They are a great way to...

Best Free Unlimited Cloud Storage

How to Move Files From OneDrive to Dropbox

OneDrive is an excellent cloud storage service, but it might not be for everyone. You...


How to Move Files from Box to OneDrive

Thanks to its accessibility and neat features, many users prefer OneDrive for storing their files...

Google Sheets Icon

How to Add a Checkbox in Google Sheets

Mastering Google Sheets means being capable of using a large array of features to boost...

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WhatsApp quick settings on an iPhone

How To Fake Your Location in WhatsApp WhatsApp tracks your location in real-time and allows you to share it with your contacts. This feature can be beneficial, especially when meeting your friends at a...


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