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Best Laptops for the Money

If you wanted a decent portable computer a decade or so ago, you’d have had to fork over thousands of dollars. Luckily, technological advancements have made laptops relatively cheap (especially compared to fully decked-



Best Android TV Launcher

One of Android’s main characteristics is a customizable interface design due to an open-source code. However, while the Android TV interface differs slightly depending on the TV’s brand, the overall layout and


The Best Dumb TVs

If you wonder, a dumb TV is any TV that doesn’t have smart features, such as the ability to load apps and streaming services. This means that dumb TVs don’t have internet connectivity


Best Xbox One Wireless Headsets

Gone are the days when all you could pick when it comes to headsets are wired options. Wireless headsets are a more comfortable alternative to traditional wired headsets. The ease of movement lets you focus


Best Trackball Mice

Whether you are using a desktop PC or a laptop, you will find that having a reliable mouse will come in handy. Computer mice have evolved tremendously over the years, and you can find different

The Best Basecamp Alternatives

Since the pandemic started, many companies were forced to work from home. This also raised...

The Best Verizon Alternatives

Verizon’s claim to fame is its incredible coverage. And indeed, it has the best...


The Best Sound Card for PC

A separate sound card isn't necessary for every PC user. If you only listen...

Best Virtual Desktops

The Best Virtual Desktops

While the virtual desktop or VDI isn’t exactly new, it’s witnessed a growth...

Cut the Cord

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The Best Dish Network Alternatives

Dish Network was one of the greatest TV providers, particularly one of the most affordable platforms, in 2010. And with such a low price, you got some of the best DVR receivers. Additionally, it had...

Smart Home

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The Five Best Tower Speakers

Tower speakers are tall, loud, and often very impressive speakers that people typically use in their home theatre systems. Having a good set of speakers is crucial when you want to enjoy the audio of...

Social Media

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The Best Instagram Live Video Downloaders

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites for sharing all types of content. It's really one of the most fascinating and influential online platforms of...


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