The Best GTX 1070 – May 2018

The GTX 1070 is one of Nvidia’s flagship graphics cards. Boasting the ability to destroy pretty much any game at 1080p and max settings, as well as play Virtual Reality games and handle games in 1440p and 4K, the GTX 1070 is an incredible performer and hits a price-performance sweet spot better than its lower or higher-budget counterparts.

During the GPU Shortage of 2018, buying a new GTX 1070- or any other recent graphics card, for that matter- was impossible. From the latter half of 2017 to just a few months ago, GPUs were in very short supply thanks to the rising demand of cryptocurrency miners far outweighing the supply of graphics cards. This drove prices as high as 2.5X MSRP…if the cards were even available.

Fortunately, the GPU shortage is now over.  With the end of the GPU shortage, you can now find graphics cards like the GTX 1070 at much, much more reasonable prices than before. With all of that in mind, we’ll jump through the best currently-available GTX 1070s on the market.

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