How to check your graphics card in Windows 10

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The graphics card is an essential desktop and laptop hardware component. So it’s always listed among the most crucial specifications. Windows games will certainly include graphic card details with their system details, and some might need to check what graphics card they have to see if it matches the software requirements. Those upgrading a graphics card might also need to have some system details for it at hand.

So if you need to check your graphics card, there are a few ways to do that in Windows 10. First, open the Run tool with the Win + R hotkey. Then enter ‘dxdiag’ there to open the window shown in the snapshot below.

graphics card

The window opens with the System tab selected. Click Display to open graphic card details as shown below. That tells you which graphics card your system has along with additional info such as its amount of RAM and device type.

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If you still need more extensive graphic card and GPU details, check out TechPowerUp GPU-Z v1.9.0. This small utility provides more graphic card details than the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window. You can add it to Windows 10 by clicking an appropriate server on this page. Then open its window shown below.

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This window gives you much more extensive details for your graphic card. It includes driver version, GPU clock, shaders and a lot more besides. Pressing the Lookup button there also opens a page for your graphic card on the Techpowerup website.

If you need to any further details for the specifications, hover he cursor over them. That will open a tooltip as below. Each tooltip tells you a little more about the specification.

graphics card4

So now you can check your graphics card in Windows 10 either with the DirectX Diagnostic or TechPowerUp GPU-Z v1.9.0 software. They’ll give you the extra details needed to upgrade a card or check it matches software system requirements.

Posted by Matthew on August 10, 2016

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