How To Add Google Chrome to an Amazon Fire Tablet

Posted by Heather on May 14, 2017

The Kindle Fire comes with its browser pre-loaded.  It’s called Silk.  It’s not bad, I’ve used it.  Perhaps you want to use a different web browser though such as Google Chrome.  Can it be done?  The answer is yes.

We’re going to explain how you can get the Chrome browser and install it to your Kindle Fire.  So, let’s get right into the task at hand.

Allow Third Party App Installation

The easiest way to install the Google Chrome web browser on your Kindle Fire is by getting the APK file and installing it.  One of the best places to download APK files from is APKMirror.

First, you’ll need to allow the installation of third-party applications on your Kindle Fire.

  1. Go to Settings then, scroll down to security under the Personal category. Then, tap on Security.
  2. Next, under the Advanced heading, toggle the switch on to allow installation of applications from unknown sources. That’ll let you install apps that aren’t from the Amazon App Store.

Go ahead and get that Google Chrome Browser APK file now.

Download Chrome APK file

To get the Chrome Browser APK, here’s how.  Make sure to get the appropriate Chrome APK for your Kindle Fire

  • Navigate to the APKMirror website from your Kindle Fire via the Silk browser which is the Kindle default browser.
  • Next, in the upper right-hand side of the APKMirror website type Chrome browser and then, tap enter on the Kindle Fire Keyboard.  APK Mirror Site
  • Select the most current build of the Chrome Browser APK file. That is version 58 as of this writing. Then, tap on the arrow pointing down to the line to download it.  Chrome Browser 58
  • On the following page, you’ll get 7 different options for download files. I selected Android 5.0 arm released on April 2o, 2017. Chrome Arm 5.0 It was the second one in the list of choices.  As the file is downloading, I tapped on view the file.  Once it finished, I tapped on it to launch the install.  After the Google Chrome Browser APK gets downloaded and you’ve tapped on it select install.

In a few second, the Google Chrome Browser will be up and running on your Kindle Fire tablet.  This is by far the most painless and easiest way to get the Google Chrome Browser onto your Kindle Fire.Chrome Browser Kindle Fire

Install Google Play

Another thing of I heard of is to install the Google Play Store on your Amazon Kindle Fire.  It’ll only work with certain Fire OS versions and tablet generations.  In this writing, I’m using a 5th generation Fire Kindle.  It happens to be running Fire OS

Get all the Needed Google APK Files First

I figured why not give it a try and here’s what I did.  Go to your Amazon Kindle Fire to get the following APK links and download them directly to it. Next, you’ll be on the page where the APK is located.  Then, scroll down to the Download APK selection box.  Next, you’ll tap on it.

Download APK

Google Account Manager APK

Google Services Framework APK

Google Play Services APK

Google Play Store APK

When you tap on Download APK, you’ll see a little box appear at the bottom of your Kindle.  It says this type of file can harm your device and do you want to keep it.  Tap OK, and it’ll download.

After each of the APK files has gotten downloaded to your Kindle Fire a popup message shows up at the bottom of your device.  Download all four APK files first.

Now Install the Google Apk Files to Your Kindle Fire

Next, you’ll have to install all four APK files to Get Google Play up and running on your Kindle Fire.  Head back to the home screen on your Kindle Fire.

  • Go to the Docs application which is where your Files get stored on the Kindle Fire. It’s the Kindle’s default file management app.  Tap on the Docs app and it’ll open.                                                                            Kindle Fire Docs
  • Then, tap on Local Storage and choose the download folder by tapping on it.           Kindle Fire Local Storage  Local Storage Downloads
  • Now you’ll see all the Google Play APK files that you’re going to install to your Kindle Fire.
  • Tap each APK file individually to install them. I installed each one in order of how I listed them above.

After the four of the Google Play APK files have gotten installed to your Kindle Fire, you’ll now see the Play Store Application on your home screen.  It appears with the rest of your installed apps.                                         Play Store Kindle Fire

Now you’ve got the Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire, which is super awesome.  Tap on the Play Store and sign into your Google Account.  That’s all; you’ve now got Google Play Store available to use on your Amazon Kindle Fire.


You can now install Google’s Chrome Browser on your Kindle Fire.  Easily allow for the installation of third party applications to get installed on your Kindle Fire.  Then, head to our selected website to get the APK file.  Download and install and you’re ready to browse through Chrome on your Kindle Fire.

The other way to get the Google Chrome Browser onto your Kindle Fire is by installing the Google Play Store to your Kindle Fire.  It’ll take a little extra time and a few more steps but, then not only will you have access to the Amazon App store but also the Google Play store.

7 thoughts on “How To Add Google Chrome to an Amazon Fire Tablet”

Jonathan says:
“It’ll only work with certain Fire OS versions and tablet generations.” Any way to determine which? If I buy a KF now, will it work with the current OS?
Jeff says:
I found this page to install Chrome on my new Fire HD 10. I am fairly computer literate but not in this context. 10 minutes later I am leaving this comment through the Chrome browser. Well-written and effective instruction!
David says:
Play store does not work just ju mps back to the home screen
Edward James Dunne says:
Whooa! Selected “Cancel” as “Install” was greyed-out. When I selected Cancel, Install suddenly was activated. I selected Install and it worked!
Edward James Dunne says:
Get all the way to the permissions page asking if I want to install the application. Only option is to cancel. Has Amazon jinxed this.
Barry says:
Whatever Amazon has changed, this will not work anymore. You can download but not install.
Patricia says:
Hi there, thanks for this info. Do you know if this process will work with Kindle Fire HD on OS I have a 5rh generation HD 10.1. I’d like to download the Google Play Store app & get Chrome with it. Appreciate your help.

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