How To Clear the Cache in Kodi

Media center software is a great place to store, organize, and watch your video content, and Kodi is one of the very best platforms out there for streaming video, audio, and music from set-top boxes or Android devices to televisions and home theaters. Kodi has a terrific interface, a vast library of add-ons and plugins, and a quick and easy setup method, so it’s no wonder that so many people have moved all their watching into the streamlined Kodi interface.

If you’re a long-time Kodi user, though, you might have noticed your streaming speed has grown slow and stuttery during regular use. With so much usage over a long period, it’s unsurprising that Kodi can occasionally feature slowdowns and buffering. While a certain amount of playback problems can be caused by network instability or typical slowdowns when buffering, sometimes the platform itself becomes too slow to use reliably. If this is what has happened for you, it may be time to empty out the cache.

Just like with an Android phone or tablet, clearing your cache in Kodi isn’t a process you have to do very often, but it can be pretty helpful when it comes to fixing small issues with interface and playback. Unlike in the Android environment, however, clearing your cache in Kodi requires an additional plugin. Our previous methods for clearing the cache became outdated when specific repositories were shut down and closed their doors for good. This is an unfortunate but inevitable side effect of the rapidly evolving Kodi ecosphere. Previous ways to clear out the cache included using the Merlin Wizard add-on or other add-ons, but those repositories aren’t functioning anymore. We will keep this article up-to-date whenever possible, but if you find that the method described below stops working, please let us know so that we can find another method for you to use.

For this guide, we’re using Kodi 17.6 running on a Windows 10 PC. Other than your Kodi device—be it a streaming box, phone, or tablet—you’ll first need to install a Kodi repository called Super Repo. Super repo contains many add-ons for Kodi and from here we will be able to find a tool for cleaning our Kodi cache. The current tool for clearing the Kodi cache is called SIMTECH Wizard.

Installing Super Repo

If you’re a long-time Kodi user, you’ve no doubt added dozens of repositories and plugins through the internal file browser. If you’re new to the platform, however, it can be a bit overwhelming. No worries—installing Super Repo, or any other repository for that matter, is easy and fast.

  • Start by heading into the settings menu of Kodi 17 by clicking or tapping the gear icon on the left-hand menu. This is where you’ll find the internal file browser needed to add repositories and other third-party plugins.
  • Select the file manager, then tap or double-click “Add source” and select the “None” field to open the text field.
  • Enter “” exactly as shown in the field using Kodi’s built-in keyboard.
  • Give the name “SuperRepo” to the new repository. Hit “Okay” to add the source.

Now that we have SuperRepo downloaded, we need to install it. Kodi makes this unnecessarily complicated, but the steps are simple when laid out for you. Go back to the Kodi home screen, and select “Add-Ons” from the left-side menu. Then select the packaged item (it looks like an open box) in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.


Select “Install from zip file,” scroll down to “SuperRepo” in your list of zip files, and select it. Select “krypton”, then “all”, and then finally select “”. (Note that the zip file may have a different name as time passes and additional SuperRepo builds drop, but there will only be one zip file in the directory, and it should be straightforward to identify which file you need.) Hit “OK” and the SuperRepo files will extract from the zip archive.

Now we need to install the files into Kodi. Select “Install” from repository” (it’s right above “install from zip file”) then click “Super Repo All.” A whole list of add-on categories will appear; you can explore these add-ons at your leisure, but for now, select “Program Add-ons” and then “SIMTECH WIZARD.” Select Install, and the add-on will install!


Using Simtech Wizard

Now that we’ve got the Simtech Wizard installed (whew!), we need to open it so that we can clear out that cache! Go back to the main menu and head to the Add-on browser. Select “Program add-ons” and then “Simtech Wizard.”

Using Simtech Wizard to Clear Your Kodi Cache

Tap on the wizard to start the add-on. Select “SIMTECH Maintenance Tools” and then “Clean/Wipe Options.” And there it is, at long last – the “Clear Cache” command!

Click or tap the Clear Cache command, and a confirmation dialog will come up – go ahead and hit delete! A series of dialogs will come up, asking if you want to delete particular directories, to restart Kodi, etc. Just accept all these, and soon all your cache troubles will be behind you.

So that’s it! You’ve cleared Kodi’s cache. If you ever feel like your device is running slower than usual, or your Kodi box is buffering more than it should, clearing the cache of your device usually helps resolve any problems. Don’t forget that buffering and streaming problems can also spawn from network issues, so if you’re still experiencing streaming issues following a cleared cache, check your router and modem settings, or contact your ISP with network speed concerns. Finally, remember that streaming from some Kodi repositories can often be unpredictable or unstable, so always make sure you’re using safe and legal repos.

Are you still having trouble with your Kodi box? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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30 thoughts on “How To Clear the Cache in Kodi”

Avatar Dan says:
Indigo comes up a log error. U can clear cache by going into settings then applications then manage installed apps and then find kodi and click then clear cache there
Avatar Joy says:
I am having a problem with my X96 Kodi Smart Box, and I hope somebody can help me. I accidentally went into my Kodi one day, and I hit the Clean Memory button. Now I have no movies list, no tv shows list, it’s all blank! Is there anyway of getting my movie and tv shows lists back again? There is no recycle bin in there for me to restore them.
Avatar Angelina Grey says:
I made it to step 5.. when i am in the “install from repository” menu, the only two options are the merlin back up data and merlin wizard.. but no auto cleaner.
Avatar Natalie says:
I followed the steps to Indigo and clear cache because of the ‘cache is full’ error message. It shows my cache size of 301.45kb. I clear it and it says successful but the cache size is still 301.45kb.

Any ideas?

Avatar Educate Me Not says:
@Heather thank you! worked like a charm
Avatar Ninja says:
Mine won’t open… Tells me that there’s an error and to check the log (which I also don’t know how to do)… I’ve already gone through the “Easy Advanced Settings” to expand my cache, but now I can’t clear it… This is crap…and is causing me far more stress than it’s worth at this point…
Avatar Cloud says:
only time i have gotten this error is when i entered the repo web address incorrectly by either copying the space before the actual address from the walk through or mistyped it.
Avatar Leah Ross says:
I am running the newest version of kodi … i dont even have a programme menu

I can access program add ons from the add on menu then all repositories menu but there is no maintenance tool or indigo in there

Avatar Danene says:
I installed maintenance tool but when I try to open ot it says there there is an error and to look at the log info?
I tryed uninstalling and reinstalling and end up with the same message. What can i do?
Avatar Dennis says:
Feb 27 you said your maint tool disappeared mine did it as well and I am having buffer/ load issues What was your fix I need help/
Avatar Heather says:
INDIGO is How You Can Clear Your Kodi Cache………….Here’s how!!
Navigate to programs and click to open menu.
Go to Program add-ons and click it.
Next find the add-on called indigo and click on it. If you have not already used it, indigo will install all the program add-on options the first time you choose it. Once the setup is done, literally less than 2 seconds, click Indigo in the Programs list.
Then, go to maintenance tools and click it.
Next, select clear cache. Confirm your selection and choose Clear in the box that appears.
You should then see Cache Cleared successfully. Just click ok and you’re done.
Avatar Neil says:
Thanks Heather, worked like a charm
Avatar Shelby says:
When I hit program add-ons there is nothing there… am I missing something?
Avatar Lori says:
I followed the instructions to download the maintenance tool, but when we click on it, we get an error message. It won’t open. Any ideas?
Avatar Doreen says:
Thank you, thank you…this worked perfectly and it was the easiest instructions I found on the internet.. I was about to take the Kodi box to a techie so you saved me money too. Thanks
Avatar Heather says:
INDIGO is How You Can Clear Your Kodi Cache………….Here’s how!!
Navigate to programs and click to open menu. 
Go to Program add-ons and click it. 
Next find the add-on called indigo and click on it.  If you have not already used it, indigo will install all the program add-on options the first time you choose it.  Once the setup is done, literally less than 2 seconds, click Indigo in the Programs list. 
Then, go to maintenance tools and click it.  
Next, select clear cache.  Confirm your selection and choose Clear in the box that appears. 
You should then see Cache Cleared successfully.  Just click ok and you’re done.
Avatar Liz says:
I followed this and it actually made my cache go up…
Avatar Jessica Greenhood says:
This appears to be outdated as step 2 is not available.
Avatar Donna says:
Just tried this….when I try to use the maintenance tool an error box pops up that says to “check log”. I have no clue what that means. Please help!
Avatar Sidney says:
To clear your cache just go to programs, than click programs add-ons…. look for Indigo that’s your systems maintenance, click on clear cache
Avatar Donna says:
Tried this. It said it was cleared successfully, but when I try to watch a show it still buffers a ton and tells me the cache is full.
Avatar P12henlei says:
Sorry im new to using Kodi but I hope this helps.

I read this entire thread and I have the same problem until…

I used “INDIGO” to clear the cache.

Please let me know if this works for you or if you find another alternative.

Avatar DigitalFix says:
A lot of people have mentioned they are clearing the cash to prevent buffering, and stuttering,… Some of these problems are due to source file and provider issues. One thing you can do to prevent some of the buffering problems is to use QoS on your router and set your Kodi box MAC address as high priority traffic. Also if you are using a raspberry pi or fire stick with wifi make sure that the router and the wifi adapter you are using for the Kodi box are both N300 and 2×2 mimo or above. The wifi adapter built into a raspberry pi 3 is only a N150. Also consider that some of comcast, ATT’s routers do not have any QoS capability and will not handle streaming video that well.
Avatar Heather says:
I recently discovered that the maintenance tool has also disappeared from my Kodi installation. It began not being responsive recently then, boom one day it was just gone. I need to do some digging to find another alternative. I’ll let you all know when I get a solution.
Avatar Haider says:
Hi all, you will find that the Maintenance add on is now renamed to Indigo. However, i am finding clearing the cache isnt helping with my issues as well.
Avatar Jennifer says:
There is no MAINTENANCE after I d/l the Program Add-Ons
Avatar Corina says:
None on our screen either… Any idea where it has moved to??
Avatar Cristal says:
The entire portion for the maintenance tool is now missing from my screens as well as the installer portion. Under systems. So I cannot get to or find how to get the screen with all the yellow boxes. It has just disappeared… How do I get that back.…?
Avatar Gianna Salcito says:
Thank you for sharing this…super helpful and the screenshots are on point
Avatar Heather says:
Hi Gianna,

You’re Welcome. Thanks!

Avatar Leslee says:
I cannot ass anything. I get the error
“Couldn’t retrieve directory information. Would you like to add it anyway”. I have to say NO bcs it doesn’t work if I say yes rwgardless. My network connection is fine though. Any ideas anyone,?
Avatar TLog says:
I have cleared cache, buffering is miserable still. I have AT&T fiber Internet. Any other ideas besides throwing my Amazon fires tick in the garbage?
Avatar Heather says:

Are you sure it’s not the connection between you and where you’re getting the stream from?

Avatar J.Barham says:
I keep getting a message that says exodus no streaming available. I have cleared cache twice and still nothing. Suggestions?
Avatar Wynn Turner says:
I did everything you said and it is worse than ever, I can’t get thru one show, please help. WT
Avatar Heather says:
Shut out of Kodi and reboot your device. See if that helps.
Avatar Lianne says:
I’ve cleared cache and purged the packages but now my Kodi won’t play any films. The thumbnails are there but when you click on a film nothing happens or there is a playback error message. Help!!
Avatar Sean Ellis-Evans says:
I’m trying to do this but when I go to install the maintenance tool it keeps telling me “addon installer error, check log for more information??? Help please!! Lol
Avatar Camille G. says:
I keep on getting a message saying: “Error: Script Failed: Add on installer” when I try to install the maintenance tool. Any idea on how to get this to work?
Avatar Heather says:
Well, Thank you, Jimmy!
Avatar Heather says:
Well, Thank you Jimmy!
Avatar Jimmy Turner says:
Hi Heather,
You’re the “BomB”
Easy Money

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