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The Complete Xbox Games with Gold List and Details

Updated for May 2020

Games with Gold is Microsoft’s attempt to counter Sony’s PlayStation Plus [1] program, which gives members free games each month. With the program, Xbox Live Gold members are eligible to receive multiple free games on the Xbox Store every month. Due to reader interest, we’ll catalog and archive the Games with Gold program here.

How to Get Free Games

Xbox Live Gold members must log-in to their consoles or the Xbox Marketplace [12] and “purchase” each free game at some point during its promotional period. Games with Gold [13] is available on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Generally, four games are released each month for approximately two weeks, two for each console. Two games are available during the first half of each month, and another two games during the second half. Note, however, that Microsoft occasionally changes this release schedule by, for example, releasing a single Xbox One game for an entire month, or by releasing more than two games per month for each platform.

You don’t need to actually download a game during its period of availability to get it, but you must at least complete the free “purchase” online or via your console in order to qualify. Once a game’s promotional period has expired, it will cease to be free and return to its former price, but if you’ve “purchased” the game for free prior to this, it will be yours indefinitely.

Games with Gold List To Date

Below is a table listing all Games with Gold titles to date. Each title links directly to the Xbox.com marketplace, where Xbox Live members can log in and “purchase” the games during their free period without having to log into their consoles.

“GWG Release” is the first day the game is free with the Games with Gold promotion, “Orig. Release” is the date the game was first released for Xbox, and “Reg. Price” is a game’s current price on the Xbox Store before the free promotion (not the game’s original retail price).

Forza Horizon 4 – Lego Speed Champions

With excellent graphics, the ability to collect over 450 cars, you can cruise the impeccable scenery of Great Britain with this Forza Horizon game. Free with Xbox Game Pass.

The classic Lego stylings make it more fun for superfans to race online together.

Sea of Thieves

Online gameplay, piracy, and a ton of things to explore; this game has it all for the adventurer at heart. The excellent cartoon-style graphics means you and your favorite friends can explore the open sea and cause a little mischief.

Free with Game Pass, you can start living your pirate dreams right from the comfort of your home.

Destiny 2

Who doesn’t love a little space adventure? The predecessor to the hit game Destiny, Eris Morn has returned in the sequel. Play online with your favorite buddies or meet new ones on this Game Pass free multiplay game.

If you’re into heroism, you can join others to save the Last City and adventure the universe together.

May Xbox Gold Games – Limited Access, Limited Time

Available for only a short time, those with the coveted Xbox Live Gold will have special access to the following games.

V-Rally 4

Become an expert driver and experience the thrill of a true rally driver in this racing game. Choose from 50 popular rally models and battle your friends online to the finish line. V-Rally 4 is the perfect game for anyone looking for a little adrenaline in treacherous offroad races.


Warhammer 40,000 – Inquisitor Martyr

For a little solo heroism or with friends, Warhammer [14] may be the game you’re looking for. From combat action to secrets and mystery, this game has a lot to offer the wonderers and the adrenaline junkies alike.

Sensible World of Soccer

Interested in a little friendly competition? Sensible World of Soccer [15] lets players win together! If the game sounds familiar you’ve probably played it before. The remake of the classic 90’s game has updated graphics and the ability to play one game or a whole season with your friends!

Overlord II

Overlord II [16] has it all, the sequel to the insanely popular cult-classic, this game is lets you battle dark minions following a Dark Master. The beautiful scenery and war machines mean you won’t be disappointed with this game available until May 31, 2020.

Each game has a separate timeframe of availability. It’s best to stay updated through Xbox to see which games are available. The games list updates every month and some are available for thirty days whereas others are only available every fifteen days.