How To Connect your Amazon Fire TV Stick to WiFi without the Remote?

Posted by Jamie on December 4, 2018

Can you connect your Amazon Fire Stick to WiFi without the remote? That was the question I was asked the other day when discussing TechJunkie’s Amazon Fire TV Stick coverage. The person asking the question was in a hotel with work and couldn’t lot on to the internet and had left the remote control at home. What was he to do?

The short answer is not a great deal. If the TV you’re using has Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) you may be able to control it with the TV remote. You can control the Amazon Fire Stick with your phone but once you change the WiFi settings to the hotel, or other entity’s WiFi your phone loses connection. If you use your phone as a hotspot to provide a connection for the Amazon Fire Stick, you burn through your data.

You have certain options depending on your situation. Here are a few solutions. Choose one if it’s suitable.

Use a CEC remote

Newer TVs may have Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) remote control. This allows you to control HDMI devices using your standard TV remote. The trouble is, not all TV remotes are compatible with Amazon Fire Stick. It is definitely worth a try though as it’s the easiest way to control the Fire TV without having to use your phone.

Usually, CEC has to be enabled on the TV before you can use it. It will be within the TVs Settings and comes under a variety of names. Samsung calls it Anynet+, Vizio calls it CEC, LG calls it SimpLink, Philips calls it EasyLink and so on. If you can get to the settings menu on the TV, enable CEC and try to control the Amazon Fire Stick with it.

You may need to enable CEC on the Fire TV Stick though. On mine, CEC was enabled by default. To check:

  1. Navigate to Settings and Display and Sounds.
  2. Select Display and Settings and check HDMI-CEC and ensure it’s enabled.

Use your smartphone as a hotspot

Using your data plan to feed your Amazon Fire Stick will burn through data but it will get you viewing. Or, if you’re traveling for work like some people do and have a second phone, you can fix it that way. This is what I suggested to the original questioner. They had a tablet and a phone so could do this:

  1. Connect the device with the Amazon Fire TV app to the Amazon Fire Stick.
  2. Set the other phone up as a WiFi hotspot using the same SSID and password as your home network or last network your Amazon Fire Stick was connected to.
  3. Join the Amazon Fire Stick to that network using the other device to program WiFi settings.
  4. Reprogram the Amazon Fire Stick to the building’s WiFi.
  5. Turn off the hotspot.

This is a little convoluted and depends on you having a second device. If you do, this is a very viable way of sorting out your problem. If you have the Amazon Fire app on your phone you can use it as a remote control. You can also use your second phone as the hotspot. Connect to that hotspot to connect the app to the Amazon Fire Stick and reprogram it to the building’s WiFi.

If your second device is a tablet, you will need to download and install the Amazon Fire TV app onto it if it has WiFi. You will then need to use it as the remote and connect to the phone in a daisy chain.

As long as you know the SSID and password of the last network you connected your Amazon Fire Stick to, you’re golden.

Borrow or use another remote

The only other way I know of to connect your Amazon Fire Stick to WiFi without the original remote is to use another one. Either beg or borrow another Amazon remote and use that. You will need to pair the two before they will work.

Hold down the Menu, Back and left arrow buttons on the remote for 10 seconds or so. Then reboot your Amazon Fire Stick and let it boot again. The replacement remote should work fine and be able to reprogram your WiFi settings as per usual.

It is possible to connect your Amazon Fire Stick to WiFi without the remote but it isn’t straightforward. If the TV has CEC and the remote controls the Fire Stick, your job is made easy. However not all remotes work with the Fire Stick, not all hotels let you anywhere near the Settings menu on the TV and sometimes stuff just doesn’t work.

At least you have two other options! Know of any other ways to connect your Amazon Fire Stick to WiFi without the remote? Tell us below if you do!

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This Guide Last Updated: December 4, 2018

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