How to Count the Photos in Google Photos and Other Photo Tricks

Posted by Jamie on December 28, 2018

The Google suite of online apps is a great set of software tools that make our online lives easier, but even among that suite, Google Photos stands out. Photos is a terrific way to store and organize both your personal and business photo collections. With digital cameras and smartphones everywhere, most of us have hundreds, thousands, or even more photographs – far more than even our phones can easily hold. Putting our photos in the cloud just makes sense – but what if you want to find out how many photos you actually have? A common question we receive is whether there is a way to count photos in Google Photos. The answer is that yes there is – but it’s not where you might expect to find it.

In most Google products, we would expect to find a photo count control buried in a menu in the app somewhere. In fact, I couldn’t find any menu entry in Google Photos that would count the number of images uploaded. I had to look elsewhere. Neither the mobile app nor the browser app seemed to count the number of images. The only metric I could find was the number of albums and how much storage had been taken up.

Count photos in Google Photos

However, I did eventually find the answer! You can see how many images you have stored in Google Photos by looking at your Google Dashboard.

  • Navigate to your Google Dashboard on your computer and log in.
  • Scroll down until you see Google Photos; click on it.
  • You should see an Album count and a Photos count. This is how many photos you have in Google Photos.

According to the Google FAQ, this number may be misleading as it can also be counting images in Google Hangouts and other places. So while it can give you a rough idea of how many images you have, it may not be an exact match if you use other Google products. Still, it gives you a general idea of how many pictures you’ve entrusted to the Google cloud.

There are more neat tricks to use in Google Photos, and here are a few of them.

Google Photos tricks you should know

Create animations

You can use your images within Google Photos to create GIFs or animations. When inside Google Photos, select Assistant and Animation and then select from 2 to 50 images. Photos will put them together to make a short animated scene. Once you’re happy with it, select Create to finalize it. You can then publish or share as you see fit.

Scan photos

My parents recently finished digitizing their sixty years’ worth of photos using a standard scanner. Had they known about Google Photoscan, their life may have been made easier. I haven’t the heart to tell them but I will tell you. Available for both iOS and Android, Google Photoscan is a clever app that uses every aspect of your phone camera to take the best shot possible.

Save space with settings

By default, Google Photos uploads images in ‘original’ format which could be huge. If you use a modern phone that takes images over 16 megapixels, you might like to reduce file size to save a little storage. Go to Settings and select Recover Storage. This will give you the option to convert huge images down to 16MP size and offer to upscale lower resolution images up to 16MP. The other advantage of using the smaller size is that Google will give you unlimited storage for those photos. If you have thousands of pictures, that could be an enormous savings.

Make basic edits

If you want to make a small edit to an image and don’t have image editing software, you can make a few basic tweaks within Google Photos. You can change color with filters, reduce glare and pop and tweak a few lighting options too. Open an image and select Edit. Change color with Color Filters or make other changes with Basic Adjustments.

Watch a slideshow

If you have taken multiple shots in sequence, you can watch them all in a slideshow. Google Photos will display each image in turn for a few seconds before automatically shifting to the next. Open an image within the app, select the menu and then Slideshow. It will select all images within the album and display them one at a time.

Backup different image folders from an Android phone

By default, images stored in the Camera folder on an Android phone can be set to be backed up to Google Photos using Sync. You can also specify other folders to be backed up too, so if you want to backup WhatsApp images or Snapchat photos, you can.

Select Settings from within Google Photos and then Back up & sync. Select Back up device folders and enable other folders to be backed up.

Share images with friends

You can of course share images the usual way through the image dialog or by pinning one to an SMS but you can do it through Google Photos too. Open any image of Album in Google Photos and you have the option to Share. Select your platform or recipient and go from there.

As to the original question of ‘Can you count photos in Google Photos?’ You can, sort of. But that isn’t all Google Photos is good for. As you can see, the app has a few other tricks up its sleeve too.

Got any other Google Photos tips to share with TechJunkie readers? Share them below!

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