How To Find your Follow Requests in Instagram

Posted by Joseph on December 6, 2018

Instagram is an ever-evolving, social networking app. It was created for those wishing to express their lives through photos and videos taken directly from a smartphone. A more visual based Facebook or Twitter when you get right down to it. Mobile photography has become something of an obsession over the years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Just like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram allows you to garner a following of like-minded individuals who appreciate (or despise) your posts. Looking forward to sharing your story with the world? The default settings for Instagram are set to public which means that anyone and everyone is allowed to see what you’ve posted.

“Whoa. I’m not sure I could handle that right now.”

Not quite ready to put yourself out there? No worries. You can change your account from public to private and prevent unwanted eyes from ogling your photos at any time. The caveat is that when you set your account to private, any individuals wanting to follow you will have to make a request first. Think of it as throwing a party in your house with the shades drawn. You don’t want your nosy neighbors seeing what’s going on behind closed doors. The only way you’ll let anyone in is if they’ve been specifically invited to join in on the festivities. People you may not have invited can still come and knock on your door but you’re able to use the peephole to gauge them prior to granting them access or turning them away.

Still with me? Good.

If you’ve decided on keeping your Instagram account set to private, you’ll need to know exactly where to look for any incoming follow requests. If interested in learning how, continue to follow along and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Approving or Denying Your Instagram Followers

To approve or deny a potential follower:

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your phone and enter your credentials if requested.
  2. Navigate over to your Activity feed which appears as a heart-shaped icon. You can find the Activity feed immediately to the right of the Camera icon (square with a + in the center) at the bottom of the screen. An orange pop-up will hover over the icon if you do in fact have any follower requests.
  3. Tap on the username of the individual requesting to follow you, which will navigate you over to their profile page.
  4. At the top of the screen, it should read “This user wants to follow you”. If you want to approve the request, simply tap on the green checkmark that is located at the top of the user’s profile page. In order to deny the request, tap on the red “X” instead.

It’s also possible to outright block any individual that you’ve denied. This can come in handy for those Instagram stalker types that just can’t take a hint. Immediately after denying the request you can tap to open the Menu icon located at the top-right of a user’s profile page. To deny this user from requesting any future follows, choose “Block” from the list.

This not only denies them from requesting to follow you but will to remove their ability from viewing any of your posted photos or videos. They will no longer be able to search for you or view your profile.

If you rejected a request by accident, it cannot be undone. The requester will need to re-request a follow in order for you to accept it. An accept or reject processes instantly, so be sure you choose correctly the first time in order to avoid this in the future.


Mass Approval

Swapping your Instagram account from public to private means that you must approve or deny each follow request individually. You’ll be able to see if someone has requested to follow you in your Activity feed. However, if you or your content is of the more popular variety, and you command a large number of wannabe followers, there is an easy workaround to minimize the time required.

To accept all requests you can swap your private profile to public. This will accept everyone that has requested a follow. You can then reset your account back to private if you so wish. Make sure that you go through your list of requests prior to performing this trick. You wouldn’t want to let any crazies slip by.


Using Your PC

Sadly, accepting or denying followers is not available on the Instagram website. The site serves as a little more than a mobile app promotional tool. It’s best to forego the use of Instagram on PC in favor of a more mobile option.

Although, if you’re keen on using your PC for Instagram, there are a few third-party applications that do allow some interaction with your Instagram account. I suggest that you check out Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) or Google Chrome has a few extensions that might be of interest. Just be sure to read up on some reviews prior to using the service. The functionality may vary between apps so speak with the developer, peruse the forums (if they have one), and scour each site to ensure the app works for your needs.


What About My Requests?

If you’ve sent someone a request, you can easily figure out if it’s been accepted or denied. If it’s been accepted, you should now be able to see their posts on your primary feed. You’ll also receive a notification in your Activities feed (the heart icon).

A denied request takes a little more detective work but not much. All you need to do is navigate over to the user’s profile page. From here, the follow button will read as one of three things that provide the status of your request:

  • Following – This means the request has been accepted. Congrats!
  • Pending – This indicates that they haven’t gotten around to making a decision yet. Be patient.
  • Follow – The standard “Follow” is back which means you’ve been denied. Tough break. You can always make another attempt, just don’t go overboard.

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Cher W says:
I want to find out when a person sent a follow request or became an Instagram friend on my account. I remember them popping up a few months back but didn’t know who they were. A friend of a friend maybe?? He makes/builds things and posts them, it’s unique and artistic. They clearly found me and today I realized who they are. I want to know what date they showed up on my IG so I can see what’s up. They aren’t following me anymore.

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