How To Find Your Liked Videos on TikTok

Posted by Jamie on December 15, 2019

TikTok is a social media app that lets creators make short videos to distribute on a global basis. Since its rollout in 2017, TikTok (along with its Chinese version, Douyin) has been downloaded more than one billion times. One of the underlying assumptions of TikTok is that people want to see videos that they like, and the way to ensure that they see them is to suggest videos that are similar to the videos that they’ve already liked. In this article, I’m going to explain how the “like” system works in TikTok and show you how to go through the basic processes of liking, unliking, and following other creators.

The concept of the “like” is central to pretty much all the social media apps and platforms that are so important to our daily lives now. We get a little rush every time someone likes one of our posts or pictures or videos, and we get addicted to that feeling and want more. The boost we get from a “like” is equivalent to that small high you get when you win money or a prize in a raffle – a shot of good feeling, followed by an urge to get more of the same. Neil Patel has a very good post analyzing the psychological aspects of Facebook Likes. The same basic principles apply to any social network, including TikTok.

Starting On TikTok

When you first install TikTok, the app has no idea what kind of videos you’re interested in. Do you want to see influencers doing makeup tips, funny dog videos, crazy-good video gamers, people doing skateboard tricks, or what? Since TikTok is clueless, it will show you some more or less randomly selected popular videos to get you started. The TikTok user interface, like many current social media apps, is a bit of a chaotic hodge-podge. Let’s take a look at some of the standard buttons and controls.

This is the “For You” page, and it’s basically the home page for TikTok. If you swipe down on this screen, the currently-playing video replays. If you swipe up, you go to the next video. If you swipe left, you are taken to the profile page of the creator of your current video. Up at the top, you can see that there are two tabs – Following and For You. The Following page takes you to videos made by the creators who you follow. When you start out on TikTok, that page will be empty.

The buttons on the right side of the display are simple. The top icon shows the avatar of the currently-playing video’s creator, and tapping it follows that creator. The heart button means like; hit that to like a video (and tell TikTok that you’d like to see more like this, please). The three dots inside a speech bubble lets you comment on a video, while the right-arrow icon lets you share the video on other social media sites. The circular icon at the bottom of the right-column takes you to the sound menu.

As for the icons on the bottom of the screen, the little house icon, unsurprisingly, takes you Home – to the For You screen. The search icon should be obvious. The + button lets you add a video of your own to TikTok. while the – icon actually means Inbox and takes you to your messaging center. The little meeple icon on the bottom right takes you to your profile.

OK, with that out of the way, let’s get down to business!

How to Like a Video/Follow a Creator in TikTok

It is very simple to like videos and to follow creators. In the video that you want to like or follow:

  1. Select the heart icon to like the video.
  2. Select the + icon to follow the creator.

That’s all there is to it. The video will then appear in your For You page, and the creator will appear in your Following page.

How to Dislike a Video in TikTok

So you thought you liked a certain video, but after watching it a half-dozen times, you realize you hate it more than you’ve ever hated anything, even Brussels sprouts. Are you permanently stuck with this terrible clip in your feed? Not at all. You can always unlike a video.

  1. Navigate to your For You page.
  2. Swipe to find the video you no longer like.
  3. Long press in the video.
  4. Select Not Interested in the popup menu to remove the video.

How to View Videos From Creators You Follow

When you follow a creator, you are telling TikTok that you want to see this person’s content whenever they produce it. Following multiple prolific and talented creators is an excellent way to ensure that you always have a steady stream of quality content available to you when you open the app. Once you’ve followed a creator, anytime you open the Following page, their videos will appear, and you can swipe through them at will.

Find Videos to Like in TikTok

When you first start out, TikTok plays random videos for you, but you will quickly establish your own taste, and the app will start showing you things that you are likely to enjoy. You can also directly seek out content that’s to your taste by using the search function.

In the search page (called Discover), you can search on trending hashtags, which work similarly to hashtags on other social media sites. TikTok collects data and activity levels for given hashtags and puts the hot hashtags right on the Discover page. You can search for hashtags directly, or scroll through the top hashtags to see what other people are enjoying. You can also search for search terms using creator names, ideas, song titles – the usual search keywords. The algorithm is relatively accurate, but you might occasionally see random videos that have nothing to do with your search term. That’s just part of the fun.

Can You See What You Liked on TikTok?

Yes, just go to your profile page, and you’ll see a heart icon on your TikTok dash, click it, and you’ll be able to re-watch all the videos you’ve liked.

If you don’t want anyone else to see your liked videos on TikTok, tao “Who can view videos I liked” and select “Visible to myself” and no one else but you will be able to see your liked TikTok videos.

Do you like TikTok? Spend a lot of time on it? Tell us about your experiences below!

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How do I find a video of me that a student taped without my knowledge or consent.
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Looking for a male dancer exercising with white shorts headband and white socks and then on a exercise machine
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This is not my liked videos, they are suggested videos. I’m trying to find videos I liked, not videos that are suggested to me ://
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Go onto your profile and click on the heart and it shows you each and every video you have liked
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I don’t see my video in foryou page. I see it in follwing page. Why is it so?
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I don’t get how they show these and not how to show how to link

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